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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top New Artists of 2009

New Artists:
10. Pixie Lott - I found Pixie through the fact that she opened for The Saturdays on their first headlining tour. I figured that if she was gonna open for them she must be good and a similar music style, and she is. She is absolutely beautiful and has an awesome voice! Her songs aren't all the same either which I love! I also love watching her music videos because she looks like she is having so much fun in all of them!

9. Erik Hassle - Erik is very easily my favorite male artist ever, his voice is so different and strong. Hurtful is also one of my favorite songs of all time. Like Ellie Goulding, I find his music to be very enticing and then with the extra bonus of his voice its just unbearable how much I like this guy!

8. Ellie Goulding - I just found this girl like 2 weeks ago, her voice is just mesmerizing! I love her sound, its very similar to Erik Hassle, who is also one of my fav artists! I was hooked on her after 15 seconds of her debut single 'Under The Sheets', her music is just to enticing, I LOVE IT!!

7. Cheryl Cole - I was never a fan of Girls Aloud, something about them I couldn't get into, but then I heard Cheryl was gonna go solo and release an album, so I figured I'd give her a chance. I'm so glad I did, cause her music is different than GA, which is great for me since I never liked them! She is absolutely gorgeous and can dance so much better than I ever woulda guessed, I'm very glad I gave her a shot!

6. Adam Lambert - Adam coulda taken to different paths with his music after idol and thankfully he took the one I wanted, which just makes my day, haha. I hope that with his next album he can get a little more into the process and take more control of his music. I love that he is being himself!

5. Allison Iraheta - She was my fav on idol and I think her debut albums gives her a great introduction to the music world, shame she isn't promoted and her album will end up doing nothing. I rly rly hope she doesn't get dropped!

4. Alexandra Burke - I was a bit worried about what Alexandra would do with her music after X Factor, but thankfully she took the best turn and distanced herself from Leona and made her style current and she actually dances! I love her voice and Bad Boys was one of my fav songs of the year!

3. Parachute - This band is not something I would normally listen to but something about their music and lead singers vocals drew me in and I actually went to the store and physically bought the cd and bought it online, which is very rare for me to do both for an artist.

2. Kristinia Debarge - She is also just the type of music I listen to the most, fun poppy dance stuff with strong vocals to back it up! She's so cute also and can dance, she's just got so many things going for her except for a good label that promotes her.

1. Ke$ha - She brings something new to the music scene, her music is EXACTLY the type of music I've been wanting for a while now ever since GaGa came into the public view! She's just fun, and completely ok with that, which is why I love her!

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