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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol Week 7: Jazz Rat Pack Night

This is one of my favorite themes of them all, because it’s usually one that everyone can do well on. I remember the first season there was big band night and Kelly Clarkson really emerged as a front runner, so hopefully our real front runners will emerge from tonight. Everyone looks really good, also Ryan wrote on his Twitter to that they brought the band down onto the stage to set the mood, haha, should be cool. 3 weeks from finale!!! Yay!!! Jamie Foxx….hmmmmmm, idk, but Quentin was really good, so maybe; just not really seeing the connection to Rat Pack with Jamie Foxx.

Kris Allen – “The Way You Look Tonight”: He can do this pretty well, and I LOVE this song!!! I really like how they are all dressed up, it’s a nice change. A pretty solid Kris performance, a couple pitchy spots and weak notes, but all in all very impressive and a VERY good last note. It added something different to the song I think; I think the song fit his voice well also. Def one of his best performances this single, this could help catapult him into the finals :D

Allison Iraheta – “Someone To Watch Over Me”: Allison really looks beautiful tonight, very lovely. I really hope that she can do this song well; her voice may be too gritty to really portray this song well. WOW!!! I was very pleasantly surprised by that, she toned it back just enough to stay with the song but still show her power and have her Allison edge. Another amazing performance!! Vocally I think this has been the best night so far, I honestly 100% thought that both Kris and Allison were lip-syncing, but they obviously weren’t. I really hope she makes it to the finals; I don’t care with who though. I’d be cool with her and Kris or Adam, either one would give us a great finale.

Matt Giraud – “My Funny Valentine”: Matt can do very well tonight, this genre fits his voice very well, but I am very worried. He has been voted out before and America just doesn’t seem to be biting onto his talent, I’d be ok if she went home, but I would prefer Danny. (Rumor has it Jamie didn’t like Danny, and thought he needed work…maybe that’s a good sign…). Jamie is wrong, Matt can’t get number one; he just doesn’t have the fan base to. This is a very weird performance, idk how I feel. It wasn’t like wow, but it wasn’t bad. I wish we could have heard the first way he did it to compare, because I really don’t know about that arrangement. He is not going to win, and unless Danny does really bad he is going home.

Danny Gokey – “Come Rain Or Come Shine”: HAHA at first I thought that Danny was playing the trombone, HAHA!! He looks really uncomfortable; I think the pressure is starting to get to him (yay). Once he got half way through he def hit his stride and got his confidence back, dang it. But def not his best, and I think Matt is going home, it can’t be Allison, no one even think that, we can’t jinx anything!! I’m really not seeing this Danny fever thing, I just don’t get it; yeah he is good but he really isn’t as good as they are making him out to be.

Adam Lambert – “Feelin’ Good”: So he is apparently doing a different version, that makes me sad because I LOVE the original version. Whenever I hear this song I hear Michael Bublé singing it. Adam needs to not be crazy in this, sing it pretty but with his crazy attitude, not crazy vocals. This version reminds me of The Pussycat Dolls version; it’s very jazzy like theirs. OMG!!!! THAT LAST NOTE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! In my opinion not the best of the night, or his best, but def one of his best and 2nd best of the night. I’m a very happy camper right now, like I said this week is usually a good one and we have such a talented top 5 this year!

Top Performance:
1. Allison Iraheta

Bottom Performance:
1. Matt Giraud

All in all, this night was my favorite I think of the entire season!! I love this type of music, and when my favorite show and one of my favorite music types are combined its like magic. Probably a lot of people don’t agree that Alison was the best, but something about her voice and possibly because she is the last girl makes me love her so much! I really hope Matt goes home over Allison, because I think it’ll be between those 2 this week :(

Don’t forget to buy your favorite contestants itunes versions on itunes tomorrow after the results show!! Also this week you get an autographed picture of one of the contestants, idk how that actually works, but it sounds really cool!!

Also anyone wanna have a big finale party? And then we all can watch the season premier of Glee!!! I’m soooooooooooooooooo insanely excited for that show!!! The trailers are on my ipod and I watch them every night!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Current Obsessions!!!

Here is a list of songs that I currently cannot stop listening to, a lot of them are new singles, but some are just normal tracks from albums. I definitely suggest you all download these cause they are great, and most haven't become huge yet so you can say you knew about it before it was big.

1. Kristinia DeBarge "Goodbye" - This track is so insanely hot! Its definitely gonna be a huge summer hit, its been getting a lot of good radio play and being picked up by some big stations. I see this girl becoming really huge, and this song has the potential to have the same success as "Umbrella" for Rihanna; which would end up shooting this girl into Rihanna like success. Can't wait for the official music video!!

2. Jada "American Cowboy" - Jada is a brand new girlgroup about to hit the scene. This is there debut single, and its insanely infectious, I really can't stop listening. It sounds very similar to Pokerface by Lady GaGa, cause its produced by RedOne also. Another one that is def worth a look, I don't know if this will become as successful, but it has potential to. Especially since DK is completely over and PCD is looking like they might break up after their tour, we need a new girl group in the US; could Jada be that girl group?

3. Pixie Lott "Mama Do" - This girl is so amazing, she is my new UK obsession. She is even opening up for The Saturdays on their tour and they are my first UK obsession!!! I'm really excited about this girl's career, I can see it being very big. Her voice is similar to the Duffy/ADELE style, but her music itself is alot poppier and more electronic. So like if Britney Spears and Duffy had a kid you would get Pixie Lott. Her name even sounds famous, haha.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol Top 7 (Week 2): Disco Night Review

I hate this night!! Sooooooo much! No1 cares about disco anymore, so what's the point, none of these ppl will become disco artists. I'm glad Matt is still here, I hope he can stay!

Lil Rounds – "I'm Every Woman": k first off they look like this show was thrown together at the complete last minute. No intro at all 4 Lil, but watev she didn't deserve any. Her worst performance by far!! Horrible vocals, and horrible song. She doesn't have a very good voice, sure she can sing stuff but her voice has no personality at all!! She is 1 of the 2 going home, so if Anoop sucks than Matt will be safe!!! Yay!! Cause its def those 3 in the bottom, they just always are.

Kris Allen – “She Works Hard for the Money”: This is exactly what I hope everyone does 2nite; completely change up the song so it doesn’t sound disco anymore and make them sound horrible. Yay Kris!!!! It was really funny hearing him sing this, but he did really well! Not his best performance, but def not his worst, doesn’t compare to last week at all. He is def safe, I really enjoyed that! Totally agree with the judges on his, Simon is always right, I’m really glad they let them all talk again, that was stupid when only 2 could talk.

Danny Gokey – “September”: This is getting kinda old, he sings good every week; so my comments get very redundant. A good choice for him I think, he is singing pretty well for disco which kinda surprises me. His arm thrusts are kinda annoying tho, haha, but I guess its his style. I don’t mind if it’s obnoxious because at least he has a style unlike Lil and Anoop; they just get up there and sing every week, no emotion and no personality. Ugh Paula always says the same thing every week, grrrrrr. It’s like she doesn’t have a lot of vocab does she?

Alison Iraheta – “Hot Stuff”: I miss the intros; it makes me sad for no behind the scenes. I love that she is using the whole stage, no1 this season has yet. OMG Lil you need to take notes on Alison and Kris, they change the songs up, that is what changing up a song is; not doing some diff vocals from the original. I hate when Lil is like “I did change up the song Simon, but I had fun” UGH!!! Obviously you didn’t change up the song if the judges can’t tell a diff and u can’t have fun sucking every week, grrrrr!!! But back to Alison, she is amazing; I really think she can win it! It’s amazing!!!

Adam Lambert – “If I Can’t Have You”: Adam has an unreal voice, which is also a recurring theme in these reviews. I like the calmed down look. I seriously got shivers during his performance, it wasn’t even his best, but the vocals were so moving. I can’t wait for him to be in the finals!! It’s gonna be one of the best finales ever!!! He is safe, duh. I wish it was longer tho, it seemed really short.

Matt Giraud – “Stayin’ Alive”: haha this is really ironic!!! I would be so worried if I was him, cause he knows America doesn’t like him the best and this really makes or breaks it for him. This isn’t good enough, I don’t think, which makes me really sad. Cause I know he can do better, but it all depends on how Anoop does cause Lil is def one of the two going home. He shouldn’t try to pull those high notes cause I don’t think he can pull them off that well live, he got some, but he also didn’t get some. I really hope Anoop does horrible and Matt does some more stuff that’s diff and really shows his stuff.

Anoop Desai – “Dim All the Lights”: Idk if this is his idea of disco clothes, but I don’t like it. Another typical Anoop performance, half done just singing the song like if he was at a karaoke song. I really hope he goes home, he pisses me off. He has a horrible attitude and he isn’t good enough to win, Matt on the other hand is actually able to win if he tries hard enough. Please just please us all and let Anoop and Lil go home this week!! Please!!!

Top 2:
1. Adam
2. Alison

Bottom 2:
1. Lil
2. Anoop

All in all, tonight was less of a disappointment as it usually is. Usually everyone does bad and tonight only like 2 or 3 did bad. Alison, Adam, and Kris rocked it with their own versions of the songs and they didn’t even sound like disco anymore which is what I wanted. I really think the top 4 will please me even if the top 5 doesn’t. Adam + Alison + Kris + Matt = <3 <3
I REALLY REALLY HOPE THAT LIL AND ANOOP GO!!!! But I really don’t kno :(

Don’t forget to buy your fav contestants performances on itunes wed after the results show!!! They are amazing!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 7: Songs From The Movies Review

This night could be awesome, I don’t know exactly what the conditions are for the songs, but if it’s from any movie I really hope we get some Disney hits. Really everyone can do good tonight cause the theme is so broad. I really hope all the sucky people do better tonight, or really bomb so they go home and we are left with my favs!! (Kris, Adam, Alison, Matt!!!) K could this mentor be any less helpful, Quentin Tarantino? Really? He directs movies, he doesn’t sing in them…
This night could be good; the mentor though is a thumbs down.

Alison Iraheta – “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”: I love this girl!!! And a pre-idol track just leaked from her, btw. I don’t think this song suited her at all, she probably chose it cause everyone and their mother knows it and it’s her rocker chick image. It was too low for her, I mean she hit all the notes, but her lower notes are not as supported or powerful as her higher ones. Good performance, but kinda disappointed with her tonight, I really hope she stays and continues cause she is amazing and her voice is killer!!!

Anoop Desai – “Everything I Do, I Do For You”: Typical Anoop song, nice and boring; like him. HAHA IS THAT ANOOP’S VERSION OF MAKING IT ROUGH?!?!?! HAHA!!!! Ummmmm, what is he wearing? He just doesn’t have the kind of voice that can handle that “rough” vocals, his voice is nice and simple; and it will stay like that. Another typical Anoop performance, barely performs and sings the song very boring, he and Lil are getting way too predictable.

Adam Lambert – “Born To Be Wild”: YES!! I don’t care at all what Adam sings cause it’ll be amazing!! He will be huge, I swear no matter what happens on this show he will be huge! This is a performance, he is using the stage and tons of energy!! Other contestants pay attention to this!! I say this every week but his voice is UNREAL! I obviously can’t get over it!!! He has got to make it to the finals, if its him and Kris that’ll be such an interesting final cause they are so different. And if its Adam and Alison it’ll be so high energy its not even funny!! I’m a happy camper right now :D Simon’s comment was amazing, I laughed very hard. “Adam you need to express yourself some more”. I am very happy, haha

Matt Giraud – “Really Loved A Woman”: Matt is really amazing, somehow Quentin is being the best mentor ever, haha; his input has by far been the best this season, really unexpected. Matt makes me sad when he is live, he doesn’t do that good, but his studio versions are always one of the best along with Adam. I mean it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t his best, but no doubt he will have one of the best studio versions. Yes he goes back and forth Kara, because he can do both, I don’t get why they keep complaining, he shows that he is versatile. That’s what they want them to do since they have such diff themes each week, ugh, frustration.

Danny Gokey – “Endless Love”: I don’t know this song, so I’ll only know Danny singing. He looks really weird without glasses, less weird than I expected, but still weird. Oh never mind, I do know this song, haha. He is doing really good, I’m not a huge Danny fan, but I am really liking this. I think its def one of his best, if not his best. It def fits his style and voice very well. Yay Danny snaps for you!

Kris Allen – “Falling Slowly”: He is one of my favs, and one of America’s. I really think he will make it to finals, but I don’t know if he will actually win, but he will def have a career after. He is so insanely, uberly marketable. This is actually very good, not perfect vocals, but Kris has gained his top spot back, last week he kinda lost it a little, and tonight he gained it back!!! That was amazing!!! I can’t wait for that studio version!!! My favs of the night were Danny and Adam and he knocked Danny out. GREAT REALLY GREAT!!

Lil Rounds – “The Rose”: Lil new hair again…really? I liked last week, do u need another hair style? This one does make you look younger, but please just stop now, no more. Wow Lil is doing awesome, and that really surprises me because she has been sucking a lot of the past weeks. I really how she didn’t pretend she has a huge voice like past contestants, she played it safe and kept her voice in its good area, no half done belts. Good for her, I think she did good, I really don’t like her or think this will save her, but the way she has been performing she isn’t winning or making it to final. Amen Simon!!! Also I didn’t really hear the whole gospel part, it wasn’t really gospel, maybe she got a little more intense, but no gospel was in that performance.

Top 2:
1. Adam Lambert
2. Kris Allen

Bottom 2:
1. Anoop Desai
2. Matt Giraud (this really makes me sad, but in my opinion he was one of the worst tonight)

All in all, tonight was a night of mixed feelings. Danny and Lil who I don’t really like actually impressed me, and also Matt who is one of my favs was one of the worst. I’m kinda worried for him and Alison after Anoop goes, cause America just doesn’t seem to like them as much as I do. I hope Anoop goes home 2moro, he just doesn’t even compare to the other 6, then I hope Lil goes home, then Danny and I will be a very very happy camper. Quentin, where did that come from, he was an amazing mentor, I totally didn’t expect that, but he said exactly what I wish I could say to the contestants!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Top 14 New Artists of 2009 to Watch For

1. Kesha (or Ke$ha) - Kesha (pronounced Keh-sha) has been in the music world for a couple years but has only been doing her own independent stuff performing and recording on her own. She is now ready to break into the mainstream music world with her new record deal with Sony. You will recognise her voice from FloRida's #1 "Right Round" even tho she isn't credited in US. She has about 25 tracks floating around the internet that will not be on her album out this summer. To imagine her sound think if Katy Perry and Lady GaGa had a kid with a Katy-type voice and Lady GaGa style. Its an awesome sound that will def fit into the music scene today. My fav tracks by her are Butterscotch, Mr. Watson, and Backstabber. All her tracks are fun peppy dancey tracks but she does have some killer ballads like CUNxTuesday that can prove she has the voice behind the awesome beats and attitude.
Butterscotch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFcdJI6_llg
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/keshaishot

2. Travis Garland - Travis used to be the lead singer of NLT, a boyband originating from Texas. This band was one of the best bands in a long time, kinda like the urban pop version of *NSYNC with killer dancing and amazing vocals. These vocals were headed by Travis. Despite this quality of this group they never did well commercially after trying with 3 singles and their albums leaking incredibly early. Over 2 albums worth of tracks by them have leaked and thus helped the push backs of their debut album, so the band has gone on an undecided length break. Travis has thankfully started focussing on his solo career. He has the potential to be the younger and better version of Justin Timberlake. Travis has a better range than Justin and a more powerful and soulful voice than Justin also, and on top of his insane vocal abilities Travis also can dance at least on the same level as JT. He has also done about 13 solo tracks that are either his real songs or demos for other artists, my favs are Electromagnetic (a demo), When You Learn How To Love (a real track), and his AMAZING cover of Dead'N'Gone by T.I. and JT.
Electromagnetic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxpLDt5pqbQ
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/travisgarlandmusic

3. Calvin Goldspink - Calvin is from the UK and has been in the music industry for a while. In his early teenage years he was lucky enough to be picked, out of thousand of kids, to be part of S Club Juniors, a mini me version of the top selling UK band S Club 7. After S Club 7 disbanded S Club Juniors renamed themselves S Club 8 to appeal to an older crowd. They then renamed themselves again to iDream, adding 5 more ppl for a total of 13 bandmates; this new name also came with a TV show similar to the S Club 7 shows watched around the world. After S Club Juniors/S Club 8/iDream disbanded Calvin focused on acting and landed a lead role on The CW's Life Is Wild. The show was cancelled so Calvin went back to music. Joe Simpson (Jessica's and Ashley's father) found him and has become his manager. No word as to when he will be officially releasing stuff, but I am guessing it'll be this year sometime. He has several songs posted on his official myspace and his sound is similar to an acoustic Jesse McCartney, kinda if Jesse and Jason Mraz had a kid, haha. His voice is a lot more soulful than his S Club days and it shows in his new songs. My fav is Your Never Not Beautiful.
Never Not Beautiful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KE1e9JWqDA
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/calvingoldspink

4. Gloriana - Gloriana is made up of 4 members, 2 brothers, 2 chicks. 1 of these chicks being Cheyenne Kimball, the former winner of Most Talented Kid. Cheyenne had 1 solo album and a reality show on MTV tracing her journey to releasing her solo album. Despite the show her album didn't perform well enough on the charts and she didn't release anymore solo records. Gloriana was formed last year mainly by happenstance and now they have a major record label and are doing very well on the country charts and on CMT's video countdown. They are just a younger version of Little Big Town or Lady Antebellum, they are more of a combo of these two groups, their sound isn't exactly like either. Their harmonies are AMAZING!! My favorite track is Wild At Heart which is their first single, they have a couple other tracks floating around the internet that are also solid country tracks.
Wild At Heart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv3PJ1YSHFs
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/gloriana

5. Carter Twins - The Carter Twins are also new on the country music scene. They have released their first single Heart Like Memphis and are watching it do very well on the charts and on CMT's video countdown. They are doing a lot of promo around at radio stations and smaller venue concerts recently to promote themselves and their new album. Idk exactly when its gonna be released, but I'm guessing a mid/late summer release. They are like a newer, younger, and a bit poppier version than Brooks and Dunn or Montgomery Gentry. They are def less country than those 2, but also still very country. Kinda like the male version of Taylor Swift, except there is 2 of them.
Heart Like Memphis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zzrFoPkocI
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/cartertwins

6. Parachute - Parachute is brand new on the scene, releasing their first single She Is Love late last month and releasing an amazing viral video for that song. These 5 guys from NC are an amazing musically talented group. They have a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, drummer, and some other random instrument they break out occasionally. The lead singer Will is a combo of Teddy Geiger and Stephen from Laguna Beach, so he automatically attracts the ladies. But he has the vocals to back it up, he actually sounds like a less gritty version of Teddy Geiger, with a better range. This band has the sound of The Fray or One Republic but with a little more emphasis on the music. They really should be a hit group, if they will be or not is another story. The music industry is so screwey, but I honestly think these guys are here to stay :D. And I'm going to see them in concert May 15th (I hope!!!), if I go I'll be sure to post a review of the concert up here.
She Is Love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghhivSh1hSc
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/parachuteva

7. BoA - BoA (pronounced like the snake) is a huge pop diva from Korea and Asia. She has been absolutely huge there ever since she was 13. She has just now made her first all English album and released it over here in the states, this is the year of asian invasion with another pop princess Utada making her English debut over here. In this battle tho BoA def wins, her music is a lot more current and way more upbeat. There isn't 1 track on her album that you can sit down and listen to, haha. She hasn't done amazingly well on charts yet, but on dance charts she has done very well. She needs some promo and she could be huge!! I think she should promote this album and then work on her English to rly get it down and do another smashing album. My fav tracks from it are Eat You Up (the first single), Touched, and Energetic.
Eat You Up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNSJnXyiEx4
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/BoAmusicUSA

8. Jennette McCurdy - Jennette is well known, but not by this name. Most everyone knows her as Sam on iCarly; and when you look at Sam you would never even imagine she could sing. I didn't either, but I was so wrong. Jennette has such a powerful, beautiful voice, its an insane surprise especially when you picture her as Sam. She sings country which is even better cause we don't have a lot of teen stars that do country, with the right promotion she could be like the country version of Miley. Like full fledge country, not Miley's fake country. I would describe her as a younger Taylor Swift, but with a lot more powerful voice. Her debut single So Close is awesome and rly shows off her vocals. She has said that her 2nd single will be out in May and her album in June. I'm so excited for this and really think she can be very successful in music, now all we need is Freddy to also sing then that whole show could sing.
So Close: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MShUlbXouiM
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jennettemccurdymusic

9. Paradiso Girls - The Paradiso Girls are basically the UK version of The Pussycat Dolls, or at least that is how the industry describes them. My opinion is a lot better than a wannabe version of PCD, these girls have PCD's looks, Girlicious's music style, and Danity Kane's vocals. So they are the ultimate girlgroup. They consist of 5 girls: Chelsea, Lauren, Kelly, Sasha, and Aishe. All the girls represent a diff part of world and sound, we get US, UK, France, Asia, and Carribean in this group. Even tho they are being branded as the UK version of PCD, they are planning on going global immediately and focusing themselves in every market. Their debut single Patron Tequila is a club banger, it has awesome beats and pretty cool vocals also. This year could be theirs if they get promoted well.
Patron Tequila: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2vUo5vGydU
Myspace: no official myspace yet

10. Jadyn Maria - Some of you may remember Jadyn Maria as the little Christian artist in the early 2000's or as the Herbel Essence girl; either way she has left that behind. After getting her record deal, on the same label as fellow Christian artist Stacie Orrico, her label was bought out and most of the lower interest artists were just left behind, including Jadyn and Stacie. Stacie rebounded a lot better because she had previous albums and was well established in the industry, but Jadyn was just starting out and had none of that. She took off music for a while, but last year decided to get back in it. She was doing a lot of lowerkey stuff and just getting her name out there. She is friends with Katy Perry and is one of the bridesmaids in her Hot'N'Cold video. Just a couple weeks ago Jadyn was the first artist signed to Ne-Yo's new record label, and that is awesome because Ne-Yo writes and produces huge hits. Only one current track has been leaked by her and its called Villain and it features FloRida, and its probably one of the best new artists tracks I've heard this year. If you want more of her voice check out her earlier Christian era tracks Choices and Rock You Senseless (the Herbel Essense theme song for 2002).
Villain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X7dKAIcTfI
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/officialjadynmaria

11. Keri Hilson - Keri Hilson has also been in the music world for a while. Prior to 2006 she only was writing for artists like PCD, but then she was featured on Timbaland's smash hit The Way I Are and that launched her recording career. Keri seemed to have everything needed to be an instant hit: high up friends (Timbaland, Ne-Yo, Kanye), experience from writing and knowin the industry, great voice, and good looks, but for some reason that didn't rly work for Keri. Keri has tried in the music world since about this time last year, with her 1st single Energy and her 2nd single Return The Favor; neither of these songs did anything on the charts despite being amazing songs. Having these songs do nothing resulted in her album being pushed back multiple times until we thought it was completely shelved. Then the miracle of Turnin' Me On (Ft. Lil Wayne) came as her 3rd single and did well enough to get the album released, and as plans to release the album materialezed this single actually became a hit which helped her debut album get #4 on billboard charts. Her 4th single Knock You Down (Ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo) has been added to radios and is doing amazingly well also. Its also my fav track by her, followed by Energy. Now that she is finally getting the success she deserves I think she can rule this year!
Energy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW8wrXjPs5A
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/kerihilson

12. Savannah Outen - Savannah was one of the lucky few who has gotten a record deal from her youtube page, but this girl definitely deserves it. She was snatched up by Disney because she has the Disney look and sound. On her youtube she covered everything from Rihanna to P!nk to High School Musical and delivered each with flawless ease while also playing her guitar. She is the pop version of Taylor Swift because she plays guitar and also writes or co-writes almost all of her music. Her debut single Goodbyes was written during her 8th grade graduation. Her voice is very powerful considering she is only about 15. Her 2nd single Unlock The Door was released but with zero promotion and (I think) just cancelled. But just recently she has changed her stage name to Savannah and released her 2nd single If You Only Knew and an accompanying music video. If she gets promoted right she could have the same success like Taylor Swift on the pop charts. She is a great role model for girls, unlike Miley Cyrus.
Goodbyes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3QSPyLD7gA
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/savannahoutenofficial

13. Wynter Gordon - Wynter has been recording stuff for about 2 years now but hasn't ever had anything officially released. Back in 2007 she had a huge internet hit called Surviellance, it drove the bloggers crazy cause every1 wanted it and every1 in the online music world loved this track. We all expected it 2 be her debut single off an album coming out in 2007, 2008 at the latest, but it never did. She has kinda dwindled away over the past 2 yrs preparing her debut cd. She is just now ready to attack the music world with avengence. She is starting this off by being featured on Flo Rida's 2nd single Sugar off R.O.O.T.S. Her debut solo single is expected for an early summer release and an album following late this year. Her sound is similar to a Cassie who can actually sing, kinda a mix of Beyonce and Cassie. She has had about 3 cds amount of tracks leak onto the internet, my favs are def the first smash Surveillance, Time's Up, and Turn It Up. She can deliver the awesome dance hits and then uses her powerful voice to deliver moving ballads.
Surveillance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i0_jgay2Lc
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/wynter85

14. Kristinia Debarge - Kristinia was one of the top 30 finalists on American Juniors, the peewee version of American Idol. She is also the daughter of James Debarge who used to be in the group Debarge, and married to Janet Jackson. I just found out about this girl yesterday, and I wrote this post about 1 week ago, so my info on her is alot less. She is singed to Island Def Jam Records and will have an album out soon, her first single "Goodbye" was released on itunes tuesday and is already at #41 and getting spins on alot of radio stations.
Goodbye: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NbhfD5wIU4
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/kristiniadebarge

Others to keep an smaller eye on:
Leighton Meester - Leighton is one of the stars on Gossip Girl and plays Blair, you'd be surprised how good her voice is, she plans on releasing an album this year.

Samantha Jade - Samantha was a childhood model and then started to sing in her early teen years. She was lucky to have gotten the title song "Step Up" from the movie Step Up. She has released one other single that performed ok on the charts and is planning on this year to continue her music career.

Jessi Malay - Jessi used to be in the girl group No Secrets until they disbanded after lead singer Angel went solo. She has released 3 singles, none performing well on charts, but this year has decided to revamp her style and see if she can have success with 1 more try. I love her song Booty Bangs, is kinda funny and it actually a good song.

I hope yall enjoy this post and def check out these artists, cause I'm positive at least half of these artists will have at least 1 hit this year. Kesha, Carter Twins, Gloriana, and Keri Hilson already have hits on their charts.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol Top 8: Songs From The Year You Were Born Review

This week isn’t really too special, at least not for me cause I don’t know most of these songs cause they were before me. But it’s fine, because it gives me a chance to think it’s their own song; like the contestants are the first people I will hear sing the song. I read some spoilers on song choice and other people think they should do well, so ill just agree with the masses and hope tonight will be really good. I’m gonna go ahead and call some stuff: Adam, Kris, and Danny will do amazing and the judges will gush over them; Matt will do good but the judges will not think so; Lil will just be ordinary again; Scott will play the piano; and Anoop will just kinda be there.

Danny Gokey – “Stand by Me”: The beginning wasn’t that impressive, I was kinda worried for the whole performance. He def got better as it went on, but one of his weakest performances in my opinion. He didn’t look happy performing 2nite, kinda like he was forced to pick a song he rly didn’t like. It’s kinda sad, but he’ll be fine for next week so I don’t need to worry.

Kris Allen – “All She Wants To Do Is Dance”: I don’t like when they perform in the mosh pit, its weird; you can’t see them at all. Pretty cool typical Kris performance, he has def defined his style on the show for what he will do after. Solid performance with good vocals, but def not his best; especially compared to last week. He’s also still safe because America loves him, so 2 of the best haven’t done their best. I wonder how every1 else will do 2nite.

Lil Rounds – “What’s Love Got To Do With It”: She could do amazing with this song! Oh well, horrible beginning, very weak. I rly like the newest hair style, keep this one Lil. The chorus was better, but she still is a little pitchy. I think they need to get rid of this night in future years because 3 of the 5 frontrunners have done rly bad. Why are they doing bad? Flunk week, get rid of the theme. The judges are completely right on this one, COMPLETELY.

Anoop Desai – “True Colors”: I rly don’t have high hopes for him at all, he just isn’t good enough for this competition, just kick him off and be done with it. I feel like my reviews are slowly becoming very redundant, cause these contestants aren’t doing anything special or different; grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. As much as I want him gone, he is doing the best so far. Why is this happening?!?!?! He is def a music Yo-Yo.

Scott McIntyre – “The Search Is Over”: I’m just gonna go ahead and say I won’t like it, but maybe he will surprise me…Maybe he should just go bald, cause the new haircuts just aren’t working for him. What guitar!!!!??? It’s rly weird seeing him standing up!! He isn’t doing that bad, and I rly rly like him playing the guitar. I still don’t want him to stay, but that was his best in my opinion. He actually performed it, I was impressed. Very pitchy, but he’s Scott, he’s always pitchy. Somehow Scott is winning me over a bit, I don’t get this, I’m very confused. haha

Alison Iraheta – “I Can’t Make You Love Me”: OMG Alison has my sister’s birthday, but Alison is one year older, but still same day. Yay Alison! She is doing very well, I rly love her. I don’t get why she is always in the bottom 3, I think she is def one of the best this season. Her voice is very current, I can’t wait to see what she does after the show, cause I think she could do rly well! I’m so happy right now, she stopped the rly bad curse of this night! So out of the 5 frontrunners 1 has done good and 3 have done bad, weird.

Matt Giraud – “Part Time Lover”: OMG, he can be amazing, this is perfect and soulful like his voice. If I get on this show I rly hope they don’t show my little kid musicals cause I had A TON, haha. I don’t get how America doesn’t like him either, I think he is one of the strongest along with Alison but America just isn’t biting. Matt killed it! He was def my fav of the night, he killed it!! I’m so insanely happy right now! And he held that high note at the end! Yay, he normally doesn’t keep those, but he did! Yay!!

Adam Lambert – “Mad World”: I heard a lot of ppl were rly excited he was doing this song, because apparently he will kill it. I’m excited to see for myself! This guy is incredible!!! I don’t know how he does it, but he can sing anything and he kills it, anything!! His voice is just unreal, that range and control is just truly amazing!! OMG!!! SIMON GAVE HIM A STANDING OVATION!! THAT’S AMAZING!!!

Top 3:
1. Alison Iraheta
2. Matt Giraud

Bottom 3:
1. Lil Rounds
2. Danny Gokey
3. Scott McIntyre

Final Thoughts: 2nite was making me very sad at the beginning, I honestly was mad cause I knew ppl coulda done better than this. And then somehow Anoop did good and every1 after was good. Idk its so strange. And then the last 3 just stole the show, I’m so excited cause they are my fav, also Kris, but I know he is safe so I’m not worrying!
If Scott or Anoop goes home I’ll be a happy camper, or even Lil or Danny cause then it’ll leave room for my favs to take the lead :D


Friday, April 3, 2009

Top 10 Foreign Arists You Must Hear

Yes, this is another music note by me, haha, I'm kinda obsessed now. This time I'm telling yall the top 10 foreign artists you must hear, this doesn't include foreign artists that have been released in US only artists that are only in their home country, or other countries not including US. So here's the list :D

The Saturdays on the set of their video for "Up!"
1. The Saturdays - The newest UK girlband, their debut album has gone platinum and all their 4 singles have been in the top 10 in UK. They are already working on their 2nd album and are gonna go on their first headlining tour in June. They are already in Asia, but thats it besides UK and Ireland. They have plans to come to America so it would be awesome for yall to be obsessed with them b4 the rest of America gets hooked!
Suggested Tracks: Work; Up!

2. Jessica Mauboy - Jessica came in 2nd place on Australian Idol in 2006, she then went on to join Young Divas a girlgroup made up of past female Australian Idol contestants and she released 1 album with them. After leaving Young Divas to focus on her solo career she released her first single 'Been Waiting (ft. Flo Rida)' and her album Been Waiting. All 3 of her singles off Been Waiting have been top 5 hits, with Burn being #1. She has secured a deal in Japan and UK so her album is being released in those countries and is also in talks with US labels to release it here.
Suggested Tracks: Burn; Been Waiting

3. Janet Leon - Newest Swedish pop/r&b star, former lead singer of Play girlband. Her debut single 'Let Go' has gone to #3 on Swedish itunes. She is planning to be goin worldwide, but as of right now she is only in Sweden and a couple more European countries.
Suggested Track: Let Go

4. *Rachel Stevens - Former lead singer of S Club 7, she has released 2 albums both being top 10's in UK, also she has had 7 top 10 UK singles. She just places 2nd on the UK's version of Dancing With The Stars and is rumored to be working on her 3rd solo album soon.
Suggested Track: Some Girls

5. *Shayne Ward - UK version of Justin Timberlake. He won the 2nd season of X-Factor (show Leona Lewis came from), but unlike Leona was never officially released worldwide. His first 2 albums have been #1 and #2 on UK charts respectively and his 3rd albums is slated for May release. He has released 6 singles all being top 10's except one only reaching #14.
Suggested Track: If That's OK With You

6. Erik Hassle - My new obsession and also a new upcoming star in Sweden, his single Hurtful has performed well on the charts. His debut cd has already been released, but it hasn't all at the same time. Its a confusing thing, but either way this guy is awesome and will most likely be going worldwide once he is released in Sweden
Suggested Track: Hurtful

7. Danny - Danny is also from Sweden, big surprise. His real name is Danny Saucedo and was on Swedish Idol 2006 where he placed 5th, but is one of the most succesful Swedish Idol contestants after the show. He has released 2 solo albums and also is part of a band called E.M.D. which is made up of 3 Swedish Idol contestants and they have released 1 album and are about 2 release their 2nd.
Suggested Track: Radio
8. *RyanDan - Ryan & Dan are twin brothers from Canada, but are now in UK. They released their debut album RyanDan in 2007, and their 2nd album is rumored for a spring 2009 release. They used to be in the Canadian boyband B4-4. Their debut album was #7 in UK and is a mix of classical/pop/opera; its a weird combo but it sounds amazing!
Suggested Track: Tears Of An Angel

9. *Will Young - First winner of Pop Idol in UK (American Idol is based off this show). He however hasn't had the same success as US's Kelly Clarkson. He has had 4 albums all being #1 or #2 on UK charts; he has released 16 singles, 4 being #1 and 10 being top 10 singles.
Suggested Track: Changes

10. M. Pokora - French version of Justin Timberlake, he has released 3 solo albums; his 2nd being #1. His first 2 albums were in French, but his 3rd album is his first full english album.
Suggested Track: Dangerous

* Some of these artists have some of their stuff on US itunes, they haven't been officialy released here they have just been added so US fans can buy them.

Other Foreign Arists Already In America:
BoA, Utada, ADELE, The Veronicas, Estelle, Lily Allen, Natasha Bedingfield, M.I.A., Leona Lewis, Lights, Gabriella Cilmi, Duffy, The Ting Tings, and many more

My Music Suggestions for April 2009 *Updated*

So I've started having a review for American Idol and I really really like doing this kind of stuff, so I'm gonna give some music suggestions for April 2009, and it'll include different genres, so if you don't like pop, which is my fav, don't worry, I'll most likely have something else u'll like. except screamo, i don't do screamo!Most of this stuff is already out, but some of it isn't out yet, but it will be out in the month of the April so u can grab it once its released!
Top Picks:
Ashley Tisdale - "It's Alright, It's OK" (1st single off sophmore album, due out april 14th)
Kristinia Debarge - "Goodbye" (this is an AMAZING track, if it gets good promo and good spins itll be huge, this girl used to be on American Juniors, the peewee version of American Idol)
Booty Luv - Say It (UK pop/dance duo's first single off their 2nd album)

The Pussycat Dolls - "Painted Windows" (off Doll Domination 2.0)
V Factory - "LoveStruck" (just a single, no album yet and its free on itunes)
Paradiso Girls - "Patron Tequila" (should be out april 5th on UK itunes, but already leaked on youtube)
Mans Zermelow - "Hope & Glory" (off MZW, he is swedish, so you should probably youtube this one also)
Kelly Clarkson - "I Do Not Hook Up" (2nd single off All I Ever Wanted, already in stores)
Janet Leon - "Let Go" (1st single off swedish singers debut album, prolly youtube since not available in US)
Flipsyde - "When It Was Good" (1st single off new album, first featuring new female lead singer, produced by RedOne who also did Lady GaGa's Pokerface)
Jessica Mauboy - "Been Waiting" (3rd single off debut album, slower mid tempto track, youtube also cause she is from Australia)
Lady GaGa - "LoveGame" (she is amazing!!! and this is her new single going for radio ads soon)

Rock: (sry none of this is rly that intense of rock, its more midtempo stuff)
Top Picks:
Parachute - "She Is Love" (1st single off new band's debut album out in May, an amazing track with an equally cool video)
Tinted Windows - "Kind of Girl". (Awesome new band with a cool sound, the lead singer is one of the hanson brothers. These guys will prolly be huge)

Demi Lovato - "Behind Enemy Lines" (new track off Don't Forget Re-Release, a bit rockier for demi, thats why its in this category)
Erik Hassle - "Hurtful" (1st single off swedish singer debut album, youtube it, but not the video, it is a little graphic)
No Doubt - "Stand and Deliver" (the brand new song from No Doubts come back this year!! Its an awesome track and can't wait for their new cd!!!)

Top Picks:
Esmée Denters - "Outta Here" (debut single from youtube star, signed to Justin Timberlake's record label)

Travis Garland - "Dead'N'Gone (Remix)" (only on his myspace, Travis was in the boyband NLT and he redid this song with new lyrics and a slightly diff beat, its better than the original)
Jesse McCartney - "Body Language" (rumored first single off Departed: Recharged, the rerelease of his album Departed)
Elliott Yamin - "Fight For Love" (1st single off 2nd album out in May)
Ciara - "Love Sex Magic (ft. Justin Timberlake)" (3rd single from Fantasy Ride, which has been pushed back almost a full year)

Hip Hop/Rap:
Top Picks:
Keri Hilson - "Knock You Down (ft. Kanye West and Ne-Yo)" (4th or 5th single off In A Perfect World..., she has had so many singles that have flopped, so this is the 2nd legit do good on charts single)
Flo Rida - "Sugar (ft. Wynter Gordon)" (2nd single from R.O.O.T.S. and it features Wynter Gordon, this will be huge just like Right Round)

Eminem - "We Made You" (1st single off his new album, amazing track, and very funny too!)
BoA - "Eat You Up" (1st single off Korean pop princesses US debut, killer song with awesome beats, music video is a much watch it has killer dancing)
The Lonely Island - "I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain)" (2nd legit single from Incredibad, an amazing song thats just funny, not clean tho)
K'naan - "Bang Bang (ft. Adam Levine)" (1st single off singers new album, really cool track with some island samples)

Carrie Underwood - "I Told You So (ft. Randy Travis)" (5th single off Carrie's album, this is the AI version she performed, it gives the song a brand new feel)
Carter Twins - "Heart Like Memphis" (1st single off the twins debut album out later this year, great harmonies)
Jennette McCurdy - "So Close" (1st single off iCarly stars debut album out in June, its surprisingly amazing)

If yall have any other great songs post them in the comments and ill check them out :D
also if i missed a genre let me kno cause i did this rly quick off my memory so i probably totally missed 1 genre, haha.

American Idol Top 9: Top Downloads Week Review

When I first heard this theme it kinda made me angry, this is THE easiest theme of any season at this stage of the show. They can pick exactly wat suites them and they aren't stretched at all. It makes me rly angry, but excited too cause it can be an AMAZING night cause its soooo easy and broad. So hopefully every1 will do good!! :D

Anoop Desai: Usher "Caught Up" - this song was an ok choice for anoop cause its soulful and his voice is pretty soulful but not to the level of usher. He is singin it pretty good but he sounds like he is pushin his voice a little and his runs aren't on point. All in all a pretty good choice but coulda done something more like wat he would do after idol, I'm pretty sure he won't do r&b and if he does he won't sell in my opinion. And he didn't do any dancin and usher is like a crazy dancer. So not rly that impressed, every1 coulda shined 2nite and he def didn't. Ewwwww he said he wants 2 be an r&b artist!!! Ahhhhh! He will not do good!!

Megan Joy: Bob Marley/Lauryn Hill "Turn Your Lights Down Low" - what is with this girl. The past couple weeks haven't been so bad for me, she wasn't good but her voice was kinda cool and it made me like her. This week that is a big NO! Her voice is the same and she can't sing this song, she isn't changin at all. Idk wat it is now, she is just butcherin it and her voice isn't doin anythin right; plus she looks rly bad, usually she looks good but 2nite idk she wore mom jeans!! Ewwww!! She chooses the worst songs completely, I agree with kara that adele woulda been better, sure megan doesn't have adele's pipes but her voice is similar. She coulda chosen an amazing song that every1 knows to already give her a heads up, but she chose some random older song that completely didn't fit. 2nite coulda been awesome but so far its sucking!!

Danny Gokey: Rascal Flatts "What Hurts The Most" - initial thoughts are good choice for him, I thought he shoulda sung something by them on country week so he should KILL it! I don't rly like him, but he does have a good voice, I just don't kno where he would fit in music industry. He song it pretty well but some pitchy moments. I honestly thought he would do better, it got worse as the song went on. Still so far the best, but its not hard to be better than anoop or megan, haha. He still gets too much love when he doesn't deserve it. I rly don't think he did that well, in my opinion it was one of his worst. So idk, but for me I wasn't that impressed. His performance was emotional, that was def seen, but nothin too special for me...pity

Alison Iraheta: No Doubt "Don't Speak" - this should be good, but she coulda done p!nk so much better imo (in my opinion). But this girl can rly sing anything and sound amazing. I rly like her hair also, haha. Pretty good performance, that kind of music fits her rly well. I'm rly happy, she has been one of the best week after week, if she continues like this than she rly might have a chance of winning! K I'm sry she is so awkard, but her voice is killer, but she seems like THE most awkward person, haha. Agree with kara, not her best but its def a good one. I rly think she coulda done p!nk soooooo much better, but hopefully if she makes it to the judges choice week they will chose p!nk for her!

Scott MacIntyre: Billy Joel "Just The Way You Are" - omg!!! That hair is horrible, I kno every week I complain about the hair and I finally get a new hair style, but honestly the stylist should give him bad hair cuts just cause he is blind, that's just mean. Btw I am SOOOOOO FRICKIN EXCITED for that Glee show, it looks amazing. Like HSM but tv show version, k bac 2 idol. I'm laughin so hard when they close up on his face, that hair is from grease. He isn't singin that well either. His voice is very shaky, like rly shaky. Last week I didn't hate him and was pleased, so much for that feeling. Its gone, idk if he coulda chosen another song but all I kno if he was so shaky. Also where is paula learnin all these big words from, haha.

Matt Giraud: The Fray "You Found Me" - the fray is PERFECT for him!! Yay matt, now don't screw it up. Matt has rly moved up and become one of my favs, and I like him bein in the middle of the crowd. This is wat every1 shoulda been doin 2nite rly current stuff to show america that they are current. This is amazing!!! The studio version is gonna be unreal!! This is the best performance of the night so far, and will prolly be one of the best for the whole night. Btw judges u can have cds with multiple genres and influences. Listen to any of kelly clarkson's cds, they credit themselves for findin her and she has all sorts of influences from techno to rock. So be quiet judges, haha

Lil' Rounds: Celine Dion "I Surrender" - when ryan said celine dion I was worried cause she DOES NOT have that good of a voice to even attempt to tackle celine. Hopefully she will change it a bit so it doesn't sound exactly like a horrible attempt at celine. I don't like the new hair. Not impressed at all, she sounds horrible comparin this to celine. Like rly bad, the bridge was good, and the beltin was also. But that's about it, I was pleased with her beltin 2day tho, cause usually it just doesn't happen for her but her belts were on 2nite. Way too boring for lil. But watev I don't rly like her so I don't care if she stays or goes. I'd rather megan and scott go b4 her cause she is nicer to listen to than those, haha.

Adam Lambert: Wild Cherry "Play That Funky Music" - this makes me sad, hell do good cause he is adam, but he could do something so much better and more current, oh well. Once again another amazing performance from adam, he can do no wrong in my eyes, even if its weird his voice is killer and I just can't get enought of it. Cannot wait for the studio version!!! I swear paula is on drugs or is drunk, I don't kno which, but she isn't right in the head.

Kris Allen: Marvin Gaye "Ain't No Sunshine" - I'm so excited!! Kris is one of my favs this season and he does amazing every week. Its nice to see him on keyboard, I didn't kno he could play that too. His voice is just so much higher quality than scotts, havin both play piano rly shows how much better kris is and how scott isn't up to par with these guys!! This is def the best of the night!! I rly think he has this contest in the bag, I honestly think he can take over and win it!! Yay!!!! I'm DYING for this studio version cause its gonna be on repeat on my ipod :D!!!

Top 3 (not in order):

1. Matt

2. Adam

3. Kris (the best!!!!)
Bottom 3 (not in order):

1. Megan

2. Anoop

3. Scott

My final thoughts on the night is that it def showed who the ppl who will survive in the music industry are and those who will crash and die (i.e. Megan and anoop). The 2nd half was def better than the first, the last 3 or 4 performances were universes better than the first ones. The frontrunners are rly showin themselves (adam, kris, and alison; maybe lil, danny, and matt also). Once anoop, megan, scott, and lil/danny leaves I will have prolly my fav top/finals of any season!! Yay me, yay american idol!! Haha

Don't forget to go on itunes wednesday after the results show and buy the studio versions of the tracks! They rly are great and u can hear kinda wat they will sound like on their cds.

American Idol Top 10: Motown Week Review

My first thoughts on this week's topic was...YES!!!! Motown week is one of my favorite, because 1 its just great songs and 2 mostly ppl don't screw up, ppl can rly shine on this night. My guesses for ppl who are rly gonna shine are Matt and Lil. Everyone else will do well enough, my guess, but those 2 have voices that will fit this night SOOOO well and they will eally shine, their studio versions on itunes will be AMAZING!!!!

Matt Giraud - Let's Get It On: this performance was amazing!!! This is exactly wat i was expectin from him, an amazingly solid performance with the piano, but he surprised us and got up. Which is even better because it showed us he does have good stage presence thats not behind a piano. Sure he doesn't have the presence of some but its alot better than past idols and even megan who just bops around. Vocally was amazing, coulda been better, i feel like Matt always does worse on the show than when he practices cause he just doesn't hit the notes as well, but watev, still a great performance. great way to start the show

Kris Allen - How Sweet It Is: hmmmm, idk if this is smartest choice, i mean kris sings good every week but i feel another song coulda been stronger, but let's see how he does. Guitar again, idk if thats smart, i mean it isn't stupid cause he is an amazing guitarist, but on motown week i wouldn't have played it, even if i was rly good on it. When he first got thru i wasn't that happy cause i felt alot of other ppl were better vocalists but he has rly surprised me and is one of my favs! this was another great performance all around, and that last note was rly rly good, i didn't kno he had that in him. btw he has a very attractive wife, haha. i honestly think he has a rly good chance of winning, which i would be cool with. i rly liked simon's comment about the bus stop, but that seems to be kris, he isn't tryin 2 be some1 else, he is laid back jason mraz-y kris, and thats wat america likes. YAY he doesn't want conciet! yay good old church guy!

Scott Macyntire - You Can't Hurry Love: I don't even need to kno wat he is singin cause i won't like it and it'll be at the piano, but ill wait 2 finish this until after the commercial. he rly needs a haircut, like rly. i honestly think paula is drunk every week, she never makes sense. i was right piano....again, this isn't a piano playing show, ugh! i am not hating him this week, he did something diff, its not a stupid slow piano thing just like every week. so im enjoying this alot, well alot for how much i don't like scott, haha. but this is american idol and they are looking for the best vocalist, well at least thats the premise of the show, and he isn't that by any means. idk why he is still here but i did enjoy that ALOT more than usual for him, i didn't leave the room. paula is SO intoxicated, haha

Megan Joy - For Once In My Life: she still looks kinda sick, she looks good 2nite tho. bopping again, ugh. she is so pitchy, but for some reason i can't help but like her, idk why at all, but her voice is rly diff and i rly like it. i think her voice could do rly well on radio, but not live AT ALL, studio she sounds good. so i guess that makes her current cause she can't sing live but sounds good in studio (i.e. Katy Perry). she did horribly vocally, but she won't go home, cause she is the token hottie and vote for the worst pick, so it sucks. k she seems rly drunk to, maybe her and paula had a little drinking party b4 the show, haha

Anoop Desai - Oo Baby Baby: he has a good voice, but no star quality, i will be fine when he leaves. no tears shed over anoop, his falsetto is kinda weird. the oo's sound good but the words don't sound like him. i don't rly have anything else 2 say, i mean he sang well enough, but it wasn't anything memorable. so i guess thats it, next please. omg i love when ryan sings and dances, its SOOOO funny!!

Michael Sarver - Ain't To Proud To Beg: i don't rly like him either, he isn't that great. he has a good voice, but he isn't good enough at all. one note totally bombed, but i think he might go home, i don't think america likes him that much either. he is good, but not for this competition, maybe nashville star cause thats his image i think. his voice isn't horrible, but its just not up to par, similar to scott, they both don't have the chops, michael has more than scott, but neither have a chance of winning. same with anoop. its between Danny, Adam, Kris, and maybe Matt for the winner, a guy will def win, so girl.

Lil' Rounds - Heat Wave: so i was kinda distracted during her performance cause my dad doesn't understand facebook, ugh, but i did watch it just not as intensely, but i don't rly think i missed anything. hate the new hair, keep it short its ur style. her voice is good, but nothin special, there are some contestants i wouldn't mind singin the phone book, but i would mind her singing it, she has some pipes, but not on any comparison or level as fantasia or jennifer to whom she is being compared. she is this season's fantasia, which is sad cause her voice isn't as good. she sounds sooooo strainin in her performances, kinda a similar problem like matt their voices are good but they sound so strained on actual performance night. i think she deserves to stay, but she did worse than i expected. 2nite coulda been her true shining night, and it wasn't

Adam Lambert - Tracks of My Tear: wow he looks so diff, he looks like a video of him on youtube singing The Prayer by Celine (which he did AMAZING!!!). this guy is some1 i could listen to sing the phonebook, his voice is just unreal! this performance is pretty good, its very diff from anything we have heard adam sing before, i just can't get over his voice its just so insanely faceted, the range is unreal. i've never heard a range like that before. coulda done better, a little less than i expected, but still amazing!!! i loved hearing him take it down and use the softer side of his voice. i can't wait for him next week!!! his studio version will be AMAZING this week!!!

Danny Gokey - Get Ready: the dancing is just a big no. i'm not a huge fan of this guy (sry jamie, haha). he has good voice, but i don't find him current enough. i want him to lose and make a rly solid Christian album. ok performance, not his best, i was expectin more. i don't find him growin any week, he just comes out, sings amazing and its done. there isn't anything wrong with it, just nothing growin in my opinion. vocally wasn't his best, but it wasn't bad, idk, just kinda blah in my opinion, kinda like anoop and lil. good vocals, not their best, but boring performances.

Alison Iraheta - Papa Was A Rolling Stone: SHE KILLED IT!!!! i think this beats Adam's performance, her voice is killer. i wasn't expecting her to do this good this week, but she killed it. her voice is so powerful, kinda like the girl version of Adam this season i guess. haha, idk. but i loved it, she was my fav of the night!! she better get thru, if she does that week after week she might have a chance of winning. her personality shows, unlike some other contestants

Top 3 of Night:
1. Alison Iraheta
2. Adam Lambert
3. Kris Allen

Bottom 3 of Night:
1. Megan Joy
2. Michael Sarver
3. Anoop Desai

Going Home: Michael, i think Megan deserves to go but won't cause of the vote for the worst

also don't forget to buy the itunes studio versions, they are amazing!!! these contestants don't shine on stage as much as they do in studio!!

American Idol Top 13: Grand Ole Opry Night

So 2nite was a very very big dissapointment, at least 4 of the contestants could have rly rly shined tonight and for some odd reason chose not to, i don't follow but i'm also not in their heads to try and understand it myself. Michael, Alexis, Kris, and Matt shoulda done AMAZING, this was their time to shine cause of either they acoustic sounds or soulful sounds, alot of country is both. only 1 and a half shined on the night they should have.

Here are my reviews performance by performance:

Michael Sarver: Ain’t Goin’ Down Till the Sun Comes Up - he did horrible, he forgot the words occasionally just like randy travis warned him, he is horrible on stage, he looks like a dumb cat just wanderin around doin watev he feels like with no "look at me i'm on stage" attitude. His vocals were ok, but he was talkin so fast u could barely tell he was singin. I woulda chosen something more bluesy with more soul, he has a good voice but obviously doesn't kno how to use it

Alison Iraheta: Blame It on Your Heart - her voice is so amazing, espec considering she is only 16, she has almost the exact voice on P!nk, who has done pretty well for herself. This song was a good choice for her, it wasn't blatantly country and allowed her to show her rocky self, which is good. all in all good performance, she also knows how to use a stage properly, she should go far

Kris Allen: To Make You Feel My Love - this guy is amazing, he is a worship leader on top of being amazing in this competition. This song was perfect, he stayed within the country theme, had it be a little country but put his Kris/Jason Mraz-y spin on it to make it very cool and current, he could have released this to radio and had it done well, he also can use a stage, his stool was a good idea for the mellowness of song, also a smart move not to use the guitar

Lil Rounds: Independence Day - oh my, where do i start, just a general rule of them u don't do martina unless u got the pipes, martina is nashville's version of whitney or mariah (don't like mariah but every1 thinks she is a god, kinda like danny gokey, but that'll come later). carrie pulled it off cause she has the pipes. lil, not so much, she has a good voice, but just because she is the black girl in the comp doesn't mean she has a voice like jennifer or fantasia, she can belt, sure, but she has no tone, her personality does not show in her song choices, at least not 2nites. idk wat else to say, she didn't do good, she could be goin home, but the judges won't let that happen and will use their 1 and only save on her 2moro, if she is goin home. i woulda chosen something not martina, maybe a reba, reba has a more gritty voice than martina's angel voice

Adam Lambert: Ring Of Fire - alot of johnny cash fans probably hate this guy right now, i love him tho, his voice is insane, hands down, no doubting that. this was very very weird tho, idk how to describe it or anything, but all i kno is he is safe, if he is voted off he will also have the only save used on him. it was just weird, but insane vocally, yay adam ur voice is unreal

Scott MacIntyre: Wild Angels - like i said b4, u don't do martina unless u have the pipes, if lil rounds doesn't have the pipes than how is the blind white guy supposed 2 have them? rly, he has a good voice, but not top 12 good, top 36 yes, but not this far. his talent level is below the rest, he is only here because he is blind and can play the piano like a madman. maybe there is a place for him in the music biz, its just not on this show, please go home scott...and get a haircut, u have stylists now there is no reason ur head should look like a shaggy dog.

Alexis Grace: Jolene - i love this girl SOOOOOO much, but 2nite she didn't to hot, her voice sounds shot, he had such soul b4 and such power, 2nite it sounded like she couldn't hit those notes if she tried. She is so tiny now, (she was kinda "chubby" at beginning, i'm worried for her) and her voice is so big, but that didn't show 2nite. she is safe cause even tho it wasn't her best it was still miles better than some other ppls. She is gonna have 2 try harder and take care of herself more if she wants 2 stay, she has potential to win, but its gonna actually have 2 make her try more than she is right now. she coulda done so many things better, again something will more soul and a little lower. idk who is in the grand ole opry, but if reba is than alexis coulda done fancy and done very very well

Danny Gokey: Jesus Take The Wheel - another person u don't touch, carrie, and this was evidence of that. i thought since a guy was singin carrie it would be less comparable 2 her, it was, but still way to comparable, he did nothin to the song at all, and he didn't do good on the verse. once he got 2 the chorus he hit his stride and killed it, but the verses...ewwwww. i rly think he coulda done another song so much better, like something rascal flatts, again i don't kno if they are even in the grand ole opry, but if they are he coulda chosen anything by them and done 100x better than this, yes chorus was amazing, but he sang more than just the chorus

Anoop Desai: You Were Always on My Mind - 2nite i was so surprised with him, he has a good voice, not good enough 2 win, but good enough 2 have fun at karaoke and be wowed with. he chose the perfect song, it wasn't too country, he knew that wasn't his strong point and he picked something that could cross over, yay anoop. he also toned it down, the only problem with him 2nite was wat he was wearing, its country night, i mean he didn't have 2 go all crazy and wear a cowboy hat and spurrs, but not a hoodie under a jacket, at least don't wear the hoodie, 4get ur style, its country week, if he went to a legit southern bar he woulda got shot wearing that

Megan Joy (Corkrey): Walking After Midnight - this girl i completely don't get, she has no voice compared to the others, and yet i can't help but like her, its weird. her odd bop is obnoxious like nothing else, but it ads personality to her performances which is wat ATON of the other contestants are lacking. she is getting better each week which makes me happy, i do kinda want her gone, but i also love watchin her and hearing it, its weird. her studio versions are very good, she is a very current artist, not the best live but they can make her voice sound amazing in the studio

Matt Giraud: So Small - once again some1 chooses a powerhouse, but this time he changed it (unlike danny) and it sounded good. i love his soulful sound and his control, very good. i can't wait for more from him, but i want him up from the piano, enough is enough, we kno u can play amazingly well, but u can also walk, so do that. 1 thing i did wish he did was when he was getting all intense towards the end was to stand up and like kick the seat over and just rock out, give the performance some personality, vocally very good, coulda chosen a better song, but considering he tackles a carrie song and did it justice pleases me

all in all 2nite was a let down, too many bad performances, these contestants have ATON more talent than they are using and it frustrates me that they aren't. none of the performances have any personality, like i have no idea who matt, scott, michael, or lil is just because they just sing the song, they don't perform it or put anything of their own into it. matt does the most outta that group and i can see him getting outta that rut, the others i don't. lil can sing, thats a given, but her personality is boring, espec since we always compare her to fantasia or jennifer who had immense amounts of personality. I think that pretty much ends my first review, i want to do these every week cause i am addicted to this show so much and i love doing this type stuff, so hopefully yall read these every week :D

who i think is leaving or in danger:

1. michael - rly in danger, not gonna win by any means so might as well get rid of him now

2. lil - did bad, but will stay cause the save card will be used on her, and she has the 4th or 5th best voice

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