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Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Parachute "Losing Sleep" Album

Parachute is a brand new band from Charlottesville, Virginia. They have been around a couple years doing their own indie stuff, but just recently got signed to Mercury Records. They just released their debut album "Losing Sleep" on tuesday and digitally last tuesday (May 12th). The digital release was kept a secret until that day and amazingly it was #1 on itunes almost that entire week. They only lost the top spot when Green Day released their album that friday (duh). Their first single "She Is Love" (official video here) was featured in a Nivea commerical, also their second single "Under Control" is also featured in a Nivea commercial.
They have been continuously touring and promoting their album around the country. They have been on tour with O.A.R. most recently in direct promotion for the album.
They have formally been known as Sparky's Flaw until in 2008 when they changed their name to Parachute, VA. Then in late 2008 due to legal issues they dropped the ", VA" and just became known as Parachute.
This band is really a gem, they bring so many things to the table. They music is very current and chill, they are very similar to Maroon 5 and Switchfoot. Their debut album "Losing Sleep" is a solid effort by the band. It features some gems in addition to good support album tracks. This really is one of my favorite albums of this year, there is not a single song that I skip over. I pre-ordered mine and got a signed booklet, its pretty sweet. But booklet isn't anything to extravagent, and you get an exclusive iTunes edition if you buy the album there.

1. All That I Am - 8/10
2. Back Again - 8/10
3. She (For Liz) - 8/10
4. The Mess I Made - 8/10
5. She Is Love - 10/10
6. Ghost - 10/10 (best track)
7. Under Control - 10/10
8. Blame It On Me - 9/10
9. Words Meet Heartbeats - 7/10
10. The New Year - 10/10
11. She Is Love (Full Band Version) [Bonus Track] - 9/10
12. Strange World (iTunes Bonus Track) -
13. Stuck In The Middle (Amazon Bonus Track) -

Buy the album digitally: iTunes for $6.99, Amazon for $7.99, Walmart for $8.00
Buy the album physically: Target for $7.99, Best Buy for $7.99

Band Members:
Will Anderson: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Kit French: Saxophone, Keyboards, Vocals
Alex Hargrave: Bass
Johnny Stubblefield: Drums
Nate McFarland: Lead Guitar, Vocals

Official Site: http://weareparachute.com/
Official Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/weareparachute/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/parachuteva/

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Finale Review!!!!!!!!

This is it!! It’s finally here!! What we have all been waiting for, can you feel the tension? Through this screen? Are to twitching with anticipation? Yeah there isn’t much to say here tonight because it’s the end, we know what each guy can and can’t do, now we just get to sit back and enjoy the show :D

Adam Lambert – “Mad World” (Favorite Performance): This performance I think is lacking a little from the first time he did it. When he was sitting in the first performance it added something that this seems to be lacking, but vocally this performance demolishes the last one. He is playing the part very well this time, so that’s why I think he is standing and walking around, except he looks like a wannabe Matrix guy. This is the most boring performance of the night, not Adam’s but this “theme”; we already saw these performances I want more new stuff! Oh well, great performance…again, lets move on and get Kris’s favorite performance out of the way so we can get new stuff!!

Kris Allen – “Ain’t No Sunshine” (Favorite Performance): This was a great performance last time from Kris, but I honestly liked “Falling Slowly” better, either way anything he sings is amazing!! I like him behind the piano, it’s another thing Adam doesn’t have. He is so much more current than Adam, I really think Kris can nab this away from Adam, even though about all of Hollywood wants Adam to win, he has so many celebrities and people of that nature behind him. He performed it so well even though it was entirely behind the piano, you could see the emotion oozing from his piano playing hands, haha. Kris has such an amazing current appeal, he is gonna do it!! KRIS ALLEN FOR AMERICAN IDOL 8!!!

Round 1: Simon says Kris wins!!!!!

Adam Lambert – “Change Is Gonna Come” (Simon Fuller Choice): This is a very very interesting choice, not what you would normally imagine Adam singing. Honestly I’ve been imagining Kris singing this all season and then Adam sings it…awkward. Amazing vocally and all, but I’m starting to get on that sick of his screeching train, this song was completely ruined by him singing it like him! I’m actually kind of angry, I LOVE this song, but the legit version and even the cover that Gavin Degraw did. This song is supposed to be really chill, really mellow and he completely did the opposite and glammed it up, I have a feeling that Kris has a chance to win this round too.

Kris Allen – “What’s Going On” (Simon Fuller Choice): I don’t recognize this song initially from the name, but when Kris started with the guitar I knew it would fit him. I love how Kris has many musical talents; he can sing, play guitar, play piano, or just stand there and still get votes, haha. Adam just sings, incredibly, but still it’s all he does. Kris is a musician when Adam is just a singer. I love how his voice is lower, but when he sings higher and belts it still sounds amazing, even better in my opinion! Tonight is amazing; I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen tomorrow night. I’m glad Kara commented on how current he is and how we actually know exactly who he is; Adam keeps changing which artist he plays every week.

Round 2: Simon says Adam wins.

Adam Lambert – “No Boundaries” (Original Single): This is not good; this song is horrible, typical American Idol winner song. This reminds me so much of The Climb with the mountain thing. The one thing you can count on with Adam is that no matter how weird the performance is or weird the song selection is his vocals are always still killer, but that’s not the case for this song at all, he really bad; this was pretty much Top 36 quality performance.

Kris Allen – “No Boundaries” (Original Single): Wow both of these guys looked really awkward singing this, it’s really bad. Epic Fail on you Kara! But Kris def sang it better, he was struggling and stretching to hit all the notes, but he hit them all at least, but tilting his head back made it worse cause it strains your voice, so yeah. I think Kris was at least a Top 5 quality performance, but I enjoyed that, especially compared to Adam. I’m glad they talked about how it was too high, because it really was, he still did it well and hit everything, but it was a bit of a struggle for him. I think Kara wants him to win and possibly Simon.

Round 3: Simon didn’t say, but I definitely think it was Kris

Adam Lambert Numbers:

Kris Allen Numbers:


All in all, tonight was a bit boring, I mean pretty good vocal performances but pretty boring. It’s okay though cause it was the finale and nothing can make me sad tonight, tomorrow I can be sad though if Kris looses, haha.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol: Top 3 Judges Choice/Personal Choice Week Review

It’s almost here!!! The finale; can’t wait! Tonight really doesn’t have much to say here, they get to do whatever they want really, so this shows us what kind of an artist they can be after the show. It should be a completely amazing night!

Danny Gokey – “Dance Little Sister” (Paula Choice): I have never even heard of this song ever, so I don’t know what to expect. I don’t like the style of music, cause Danny will definitely not being singing this type of music after the show. As much as the genre is an odd choice it was a really good performance from Danny, great vocals and all around a fun time. He isn’t my favorite and I don’t want him to get through to next week, but I can’t deny how this was a good performance.

Kris Allen – “Apologize” (Randy and Kara Choice): OMG!!! This song is perfect!! I’m so glad they picked this for him; it’ll fit his voice very well. Also he might get extra votes just cause people recognize the song! I like the piano; I forgot he could play that too. YES!!! Amazing vocals, they did so good choosing this for him, I probably couldn’t be happier; Danny didn’t make me sad when he performed and Kris is killing it!! This is how Matt should have done “You Found Me”, same as the song, but not a sound alike. Kris stayed true to the song, but added his own personality and style. This just shows how current he can be, and that he really fits onto radio today!

Adam Lambert – “One” (Simon Choice): I love this song! I mean its not exactly what I would have immediately thought, but Adam can sing anything amazing! Ooooo a diff arrangement, me likey. This is not my favorite Adam performance, the beginning was honestly a bit shaky, but after he left the mic stand he took control and turned it around. This was the worst of the first three in my opinion, and that makes me sad cause I love Adam and strongly dislike Danny. So far Kris is in the finals, unless his personal choice totally bombs. Also Adam is def in the finals because Entertainment Weekly put him on the cover this week and also has a whole article about him, this has never happened before on AI; he has a huge fan base, that’s not in just America, but the entertainment world. I honestly hope he doesn’t win because if he looses he won’t be controlled by American Idol execs and can have more freedom for his album. Either way, he’s gonna do great!

Danny Gokey – “You Are So Beautiful” (Personal Choice): Great song, don’t screw it up Gokey. Boring, I really hope this secures his leaving position and the two contestants that will actually have huge careers in the music biz will move on (Kris and Adam in case you didn’t catch on). This performance was very boring for the first half, but then he started doing more with his voice and it got better, but not even comparing to any of the first three performances.

Kris Allen – “Heartless” (Personal Choice): YES!!!! This is gonna be so cool!!! Good move on Kris’s part, people will automatically remember his performances because they are well known songs, and half of the people will be like “I voted for that white guy singing ‘Heartless’”. I can’t even say how happy I am right now, but this kinda ruins my plan to sing this song next on my youtube, but oh well, I’m still UBER happy!!!!! This was so amazing; great vocals, Kris style, and its just fun and catchy. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS STUDIO VERSION!!!!! This just secured his spot in the finals!!! Let’s make him win, he can do it!!!! KRIS IS AMERICAN IDOL 8!!!! He is so relevant, I’m so happy right now!!!! VOTE FOR KRIS!!!!

Adam Lambert – “Cryin’” (Personal Choice): I honestly feel kinda bad for Adam to go after that Kris performance, he can handle it, but if he doesn’t change it up it’ll be a little harder. But I LOVE this song too, Danny is so out!!! He can sing this so amazing cause of his range, YAY I’m very very excited!! This redeemed his not amazingly impressive first performance, I really hope that Adam and Kris go to the finals; it’ll be such a diverse finale! I’m freaking out right now, cause my two favorites completely owned tonight!!!!! This is making me a very happy watcher of American Idol!!

Top Performance:
Kris Allen – “Heartless”

Worst Performance:
Danny Gokey – “You Are So Beautiful”

All in all, THE BEST NIGHT YET!!!! I’m very happy right now, if Allison was still here this night would have been completely utterly AMAZING!! But I can go with 2/3 amazing performers! I seriously cannot wait until next week, it’ll be so good!! Ahhhhhhhhhh, I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!

Also don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the results show where Jordin Sparks will be performing her first AMAZING single “Battlefield” off her sophomore album out July 14th!!! Also go buy Jordin’s single off itunes and get it to #1!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Current Obsessions!!!

Here is a list of songs that I currently cannot stop listening to, these are all new singles for May. I definitely suggest you download all these cause they are great, and most haven't become huge yet so you can say you knew about it before it was big.

Last current obsession success: Kristinia Debarge "Goodbye" I called it, this song is doing amazingly well on the charts, and no video has been released and very little promo has been done. Her video was filmed and she finished it about 3 days ago, so be on the lookout for it soon :D

1. Jordin Sparks "Battlefield" - OMG this song is absolutely amazing!! This is Jordin's lead single off her sophmore album out July 14th. All I can say is that this song is such a different sound from her first album, but in an insanely good way!!! Its a bit more of a rocky sound, more pop/rock not pop/r&b. She will be performing this live on American Idol's results show this wednesday, and I can't wait for this performance! It'll have such a good video, I'm so excited!! Its being rumored to be added to itunes tomorrow, but no confirmation yet, only wikipedia... Either way if its released tomorrow on itunes it'll be a very smart move on her labels part cause after the promo from American Idol people will be dying for this song!!! Btw this song was written and produced by Ryan Tedder (Bleeding Love), so that immediately secures its hit status! Btw at first listen you won't be hooked, but trust me after your 3rd or 4th listen you will become completely hooked, its happens to everyone, don't feel bad. :D

2. Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester "Good Girls Go Bad" - This is such a fun track, I can't help but dance to it when it comes on my ipod!! This is the lead single off their 3rd studio album, out late summer/early fall. This is a little different form past Cobra Starship music, still the same, but has less of the punky style. The real icing to this song is that Leighton Meester is featured, and if you know her from somewhere its Gossip Girl. Leighton plays Blair on the hit TV show and has recently released that she has a record deal and is working on her debut album this summer!! I love her voice so much!! She has about 4 tracks floating around the web and they are amazing!! She sings the 2nd verse if you wanted to know, be on the lookout for her solo album :D

3. Katy Perry "Waking Up In Vegas" - The fourth official single from Katy's debut album 'One of the Boys'. This was always one of my favorite songs off the cd, but I never saw it as a single, but I guess she saw different and is deciding to release it. I don't blame her, its a very fun song with tons of humor. The video to this song just enhances its enjoyment so much, I highly suggest you buy it off itunes (only $0.99). I really hope this song does well for Katy and doesn't flop like "Thinking Of You" did. I saw her live and this song is one of the best live, I think she enjoys this song as much as her fans do :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol 8: Rock Night Review

This theme usually leaves one person in the dust because their voice can’t handle rock stuff, but this year should be different. This is Adam’s and Allison’s genre, and Kris and Danny have good enough vocals to make this night a breeze. Rumor has it that instead of each singing 2 solo songs, they will each sing 1 solo song and then 2 of them will get paired up for a duet, which sounds amazing!! Hopefully this week makes us all happy, only 2 weeks from the finals and the premier of Glee!!! Yay!!!

Adam Lambert – “Whole Lotta Love”: Adam’s element, whether people like him doing this style or the soft ballads, this is what he enjoys the most. Another great performance by Adam, not my favorite by any means, but awesome vocals as usual. I don’t know if he is a legit rocker or if he just likes playing that on stage, cause he is an actor and all, so idk; we will see. I’m not wanting him to win cause he will be so controlled by AI record label that he won’t have as much freedom, so I hope another wins and Adam does his own record with tons of freedom. I really have no idea why Paula ever speaks, haha. I don’t agree with Simon I think Allison has the potential to do better than Adam, I really do. She is my vote to win!

Allison Iraheta – “Cry Baby”: I really don’t know any of these songs so I’m just going on how the contestants sing, so yeah sorry about that. This style def suits Allison’s voice!! I love her, she is def one of the talented youngsters ever on this show. Not her best performance either, and I do agree with Simon that Adam did better. Allison is def a close close second, but Adam did better tonight. I think that Simon LOVES Allison, he def knows she can do better and wants to push her. And I know she can do better also, I really hope she is in the finals with either Kris or Adam. Oh btw Danny is the new Vote For The Worst pick, so maybe that means he can go home, cause pattern would reveal that he will :D

Kris Allen & Danny Gokey – “Renegade”: This is gonna be so cool!!! These harmonies are amazing!!!! I hope this is an indicator of their solo performances cause that would mean Kris is gonna KILL it!! But this is really weird, they seem pretty awkward singing rock, especially Danny; he looks soooooooo awkward. Can’t wait for Allison and Adam, they will be AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Kris Allen – “Come Together”: Good move on Kris’s part, he isn’t a rock guy, so this is a bit mellower to fit his voice more. Good move Kris :D So many people have done this song on this show, but this performance def sticks out as the best. Kris’s vocals fit this song so well, and this version still fits the rock theme but doesn’t make him sound like a wannabe rock star. I really want him and Allison in the finals cause they would be so different and give us a very interesting finale! This is the best of the night in my opinion, it beats Adam for me just cause this is more what I would listen to! I’m a very very happy camper after that performance!! PLEASE SAVE KRIS!!!!

Danny Gokey – “Dream On”: PLEASE GO HOME PLEASE GO HOME!!!! Wow in the behind the scenes on that scream he sounded like a banchey, ahhhhhhhh!!! This is so bad!!! Yay!!! He looks so uncomfortable!! I really hope he goes and then my top 3 will become a reality!! This is his weakest vocal by far, and that pleases me to no end! YAY!!!!! THAT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!!! And why did none of the judges comment on the HORRIBLE last note except Simon, really, they aren’t deaf, he is there just like any other contestant, yell at him and make him feel like crap, he deserves it after that. My sister just sang the last note (she can’t sing) and sounded better than him…

Allison Iraheta & Adam Lambert – “Slow Ride”: These are the 2 power houses this season, an amazing duet, I’m so glad they got paired together! Plus Allison looks amazing tonight, I love the new hair, but I died when she said that Adam’s hairdresser did it for her, haha! They were having so much fun on that stage and it def showed!!! I am in love with this night; I wanna just rewatch it over and over!

Top Performance:
Kris Allen

Bottom Performance:
Danny Gokey

All in all, this has been one pleasant night for me! My favs did amazing and Danny did horrible! I’m so happy right now, and these studio versions will be out of this world!! I really hope that the duets will also be on itunes, cause I need the studio versions of them!! Only 2 more weeks, PLUS we get the Glee premier!!

Don’t forget to buy the studio versions of your favorite contestants Wednesday after the results show :D

Also don’t forget that Daughtry will be performing their new single on the results show tomorrow, also No Doubt will be performing, ALSO rumor has it that Paula will be performing her new single, and btw its rly rly good!
k the rumor about Paula was confirmed at the end! i can't wait!! its a great song!!