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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Finale Review!!!!!!!!

This is it!! It’s finally here!! What we have all been waiting for, can you feel the tension? Through this screen? Are to twitching with anticipation? Yeah there isn’t much to say here tonight because it’s the end, we know what each guy can and can’t do, now we just get to sit back and enjoy the show :D

Adam Lambert – “Mad World” (Favorite Performance): This performance I think is lacking a little from the first time he did it. When he was sitting in the first performance it added something that this seems to be lacking, but vocally this performance demolishes the last one. He is playing the part very well this time, so that’s why I think he is standing and walking around, except he looks like a wannabe Matrix guy. This is the most boring performance of the night, not Adam’s but this “theme”; we already saw these performances I want more new stuff! Oh well, great performance…again, lets move on and get Kris’s favorite performance out of the way so we can get new stuff!!

Kris Allen – “Ain’t No Sunshine” (Favorite Performance): This was a great performance last time from Kris, but I honestly liked “Falling Slowly” better, either way anything he sings is amazing!! I like him behind the piano, it’s another thing Adam doesn’t have. He is so much more current than Adam, I really think Kris can nab this away from Adam, even though about all of Hollywood wants Adam to win, he has so many celebrities and people of that nature behind him. He performed it so well even though it was entirely behind the piano, you could see the emotion oozing from his piano playing hands, haha. Kris has such an amazing current appeal, he is gonna do it!! KRIS ALLEN FOR AMERICAN IDOL 8!!!

Round 1: Simon says Kris wins!!!!!

Adam Lambert – “Change Is Gonna Come” (Simon Fuller Choice): This is a very very interesting choice, not what you would normally imagine Adam singing. Honestly I’ve been imagining Kris singing this all season and then Adam sings it…awkward. Amazing vocally and all, but I’m starting to get on that sick of his screeching train, this song was completely ruined by him singing it like him! I’m actually kind of angry, I LOVE this song, but the legit version and even the cover that Gavin Degraw did. This song is supposed to be really chill, really mellow and he completely did the opposite and glammed it up, I have a feeling that Kris has a chance to win this round too.

Kris Allen – “What’s Going On” (Simon Fuller Choice): I don’t recognize this song initially from the name, but when Kris started with the guitar I knew it would fit him. I love how Kris has many musical talents; he can sing, play guitar, play piano, or just stand there and still get votes, haha. Adam just sings, incredibly, but still it’s all he does. Kris is a musician when Adam is just a singer. I love how his voice is lower, but when he sings higher and belts it still sounds amazing, even better in my opinion! Tonight is amazing; I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen tomorrow night. I’m glad Kara commented on how current he is and how we actually know exactly who he is; Adam keeps changing which artist he plays every week.

Round 2: Simon says Adam wins.

Adam Lambert – “No Boundaries” (Original Single): This is not good; this song is horrible, typical American Idol winner song. This reminds me so much of The Climb with the mountain thing. The one thing you can count on with Adam is that no matter how weird the performance is or weird the song selection is his vocals are always still killer, but that’s not the case for this song at all, he really bad; this was pretty much Top 36 quality performance.

Kris Allen – “No Boundaries” (Original Single): Wow both of these guys looked really awkward singing this, it’s really bad. Epic Fail on you Kara! But Kris def sang it better, he was struggling and stretching to hit all the notes, but he hit them all at least, but tilting his head back made it worse cause it strains your voice, so yeah. I think Kris was at least a Top 5 quality performance, but I enjoyed that, especially compared to Adam. I’m glad they talked about how it was too high, because it really was, he still did it well and hit everything, but it was a bit of a struggle for him. I think Kara wants him to win and possibly Simon.

Round 3: Simon didn’t say, but I definitely think it was Kris

Adam Lambert Numbers:

Kris Allen Numbers:


All in all, tonight was a bit boring, I mean pretty good vocal performances but pretty boring. It’s okay though cause it was the finale and nothing can make me sad tonight, tomorrow I can be sad though if Kris looses, haha.



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