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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Parachute "Losing Sleep" Album

Parachute is a brand new band from Charlottesville, Virginia. They have been around a couple years doing their own indie stuff, but just recently got signed to Mercury Records. They just released their debut album "Losing Sleep" on tuesday and digitally last tuesday (May 12th). The digital release was kept a secret until that day and amazingly it was #1 on itunes almost that entire week. They only lost the top spot when Green Day released their album that friday (duh). Their first single "She Is Love" (official video here) was featured in a Nivea commerical, also their second single "Under Control" is also featured in a Nivea commercial.
They have been continuously touring and promoting their album around the country. They have been on tour with O.A.R. most recently in direct promotion for the album.
They have formally been known as Sparky's Flaw until in 2008 when they changed their name to Parachute, VA. Then in late 2008 due to legal issues they dropped the ", VA" and just became known as Parachute.
This band is really a gem, they bring so many things to the table. They music is very current and chill, they are very similar to Maroon 5 and Switchfoot. Their debut album "Losing Sleep" is a solid effort by the band. It features some gems in addition to good support album tracks. This really is one of my favorite albums of this year, there is not a single song that I skip over. I pre-ordered mine and got a signed booklet, its pretty sweet. But booklet isn't anything to extravagent, and you get an exclusive iTunes edition if you buy the album there.

1. All That I Am - 8/10
2. Back Again - 8/10
3. She (For Liz) - 8/10
4. The Mess I Made - 8/10
5. She Is Love - 10/10
6. Ghost - 10/10 (best track)
7. Under Control - 10/10
8. Blame It On Me - 9/10
9. Words Meet Heartbeats - 7/10
10. The New Year - 10/10
11. She Is Love (Full Band Version) [Bonus Track] - 9/10
12. Strange World (iTunes Bonus Track) -
13. Stuck In The Middle (Amazon Bonus Track) -

Buy the album digitally: iTunes for $6.99, Amazon for $7.99, Walmart for $8.00
Buy the album physically: Target for $7.99, Best Buy for $7.99

Band Members:
Will Anderson: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Kit French: Saxophone, Keyboards, Vocals
Alex Hargrave: Bass
Johnny Stubblefield: Drums
Nate McFarland: Lead Guitar, Vocals

Official Site: http://weareparachute.com/
Official Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/weareparachute/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/parachuteva/

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