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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol 8: Rock Night Review

This theme usually leaves one person in the dust because their voice can’t handle rock stuff, but this year should be different. This is Adam’s and Allison’s genre, and Kris and Danny have good enough vocals to make this night a breeze. Rumor has it that instead of each singing 2 solo songs, they will each sing 1 solo song and then 2 of them will get paired up for a duet, which sounds amazing!! Hopefully this week makes us all happy, only 2 weeks from the finals and the premier of Glee!!! Yay!!!

Adam Lambert – “Whole Lotta Love”: Adam’s element, whether people like him doing this style or the soft ballads, this is what he enjoys the most. Another great performance by Adam, not my favorite by any means, but awesome vocals as usual. I don’t know if he is a legit rocker or if he just likes playing that on stage, cause he is an actor and all, so idk; we will see. I’m not wanting him to win cause he will be so controlled by AI record label that he won’t have as much freedom, so I hope another wins and Adam does his own record with tons of freedom. I really have no idea why Paula ever speaks, haha. I don’t agree with Simon I think Allison has the potential to do better than Adam, I really do. She is my vote to win!

Allison Iraheta – “Cry Baby”: I really don’t know any of these songs so I’m just going on how the contestants sing, so yeah sorry about that. This style def suits Allison’s voice!! I love her, she is def one of the talented youngsters ever on this show. Not her best performance either, and I do agree with Simon that Adam did better. Allison is def a close close second, but Adam did better tonight. I think that Simon LOVES Allison, he def knows she can do better and wants to push her. And I know she can do better also, I really hope she is in the finals with either Kris or Adam. Oh btw Danny is the new Vote For The Worst pick, so maybe that means he can go home, cause pattern would reveal that he will :D

Kris Allen & Danny Gokey – “Renegade”: This is gonna be so cool!!! These harmonies are amazing!!!! I hope this is an indicator of their solo performances cause that would mean Kris is gonna KILL it!! But this is really weird, they seem pretty awkward singing rock, especially Danny; he looks soooooooo awkward. Can’t wait for Allison and Adam, they will be AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Kris Allen – “Come Together”: Good move on Kris’s part, he isn’t a rock guy, so this is a bit mellower to fit his voice more. Good move Kris :D So many people have done this song on this show, but this performance def sticks out as the best. Kris’s vocals fit this song so well, and this version still fits the rock theme but doesn’t make him sound like a wannabe rock star. I really want him and Allison in the finals cause they would be so different and give us a very interesting finale! This is the best of the night in my opinion, it beats Adam for me just cause this is more what I would listen to! I’m a very very happy camper after that performance!! PLEASE SAVE KRIS!!!!

Danny Gokey – “Dream On”: PLEASE GO HOME PLEASE GO HOME!!!! Wow in the behind the scenes on that scream he sounded like a banchey, ahhhhhhhh!!! This is so bad!!! Yay!!! He looks so uncomfortable!! I really hope he goes and then my top 3 will become a reality!! This is his weakest vocal by far, and that pleases me to no end! YAY!!!!! THAT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!!! And why did none of the judges comment on the HORRIBLE last note except Simon, really, they aren’t deaf, he is there just like any other contestant, yell at him and make him feel like crap, he deserves it after that. My sister just sang the last note (she can’t sing) and sounded better than him…

Allison Iraheta & Adam Lambert – “Slow Ride”: These are the 2 power houses this season, an amazing duet, I’m so glad they got paired together! Plus Allison looks amazing tonight, I love the new hair, but I died when she said that Adam’s hairdresser did it for her, haha! They were having so much fun on that stage and it def showed!!! I am in love with this night; I wanna just rewatch it over and over!

Top Performance:
Kris Allen

Bottom Performance:
Danny Gokey

All in all, this has been one pleasant night for me! My favs did amazing and Danny did horrible! I’m so happy right now, and these studio versions will be out of this world!! I really hope that the duets will also be on itunes, cause I need the studio versions of them!! Only 2 more weeks, PLUS we get the Glee premier!!

Don’t forget to buy the studio versions of your favorite contestants Wednesday after the results show :D

Also don’t forget that Daughtry will be performing their new single on the results show tomorrow, also No Doubt will be performing, ALSO rumor has it that Paula will be performing her new single, and btw its rly rly good!
k the rumor about Paula was confirmed at the end! i can't wait!! its a great song!!

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  1. the duets threw off the whole thing; Kris' fate was decided before he had a chance to perform