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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol: Top 3 Judges Choice/Personal Choice Week Review

It’s almost here!!! The finale; can’t wait! Tonight really doesn’t have much to say here, they get to do whatever they want really, so this shows us what kind of an artist they can be after the show. It should be a completely amazing night!

Danny Gokey – “Dance Little Sister” (Paula Choice): I have never even heard of this song ever, so I don’t know what to expect. I don’t like the style of music, cause Danny will definitely not being singing this type of music after the show. As much as the genre is an odd choice it was a really good performance from Danny, great vocals and all around a fun time. He isn’t my favorite and I don’t want him to get through to next week, but I can’t deny how this was a good performance.

Kris Allen – “Apologize” (Randy and Kara Choice): OMG!!! This song is perfect!! I’m so glad they picked this for him; it’ll fit his voice very well. Also he might get extra votes just cause people recognize the song! I like the piano; I forgot he could play that too. YES!!! Amazing vocals, they did so good choosing this for him, I probably couldn’t be happier; Danny didn’t make me sad when he performed and Kris is killing it!! This is how Matt should have done “You Found Me”, same as the song, but not a sound alike. Kris stayed true to the song, but added his own personality and style. This just shows how current he can be, and that he really fits onto radio today!

Adam Lambert – “One” (Simon Choice): I love this song! I mean its not exactly what I would have immediately thought, but Adam can sing anything amazing! Ooooo a diff arrangement, me likey. This is not my favorite Adam performance, the beginning was honestly a bit shaky, but after he left the mic stand he took control and turned it around. This was the worst of the first three in my opinion, and that makes me sad cause I love Adam and strongly dislike Danny. So far Kris is in the finals, unless his personal choice totally bombs. Also Adam is def in the finals because Entertainment Weekly put him on the cover this week and also has a whole article about him, this has never happened before on AI; he has a huge fan base, that’s not in just America, but the entertainment world. I honestly hope he doesn’t win because if he looses he won’t be controlled by American Idol execs and can have more freedom for his album. Either way, he’s gonna do great!

Danny Gokey – “You Are So Beautiful” (Personal Choice): Great song, don’t screw it up Gokey. Boring, I really hope this secures his leaving position and the two contestants that will actually have huge careers in the music biz will move on (Kris and Adam in case you didn’t catch on). This performance was very boring for the first half, but then he started doing more with his voice and it got better, but not even comparing to any of the first three performances.

Kris Allen – “Heartless” (Personal Choice): YES!!!! This is gonna be so cool!!! Good move on Kris’s part, people will automatically remember his performances because they are well known songs, and half of the people will be like “I voted for that white guy singing ‘Heartless’”. I can’t even say how happy I am right now, but this kinda ruins my plan to sing this song next on my youtube, but oh well, I’m still UBER happy!!!!! This was so amazing; great vocals, Kris style, and its just fun and catchy. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS STUDIO VERSION!!!!! This just secured his spot in the finals!!! Let’s make him win, he can do it!!!! KRIS IS AMERICAN IDOL 8!!!! He is so relevant, I’m so happy right now!!!! VOTE FOR KRIS!!!!

Adam Lambert – “Cryin’” (Personal Choice): I honestly feel kinda bad for Adam to go after that Kris performance, he can handle it, but if he doesn’t change it up it’ll be a little harder. But I LOVE this song too, Danny is so out!!! He can sing this so amazing cause of his range, YAY I’m very very excited!! This redeemed his not amazingly impressive first performance, I really hope that Adam and Kris go to the finals; it’ll be such a diverse finale! I’m freaking out right now, cause my two favorites completely owned tonight!!!!! This is making me a very happy watcher of American Idol!!

Top Performance:
Kris Allen – “Heartless”

Worst Performance:
Danny Gokey – “You Are So Beautiful”

All in all, THE BEST NIGHT YET!!!! I’m very happy right now, if Allison was still here this night would have been completely utterly AMAZING!! But I can go with 2/3 amazing performers! I seriously cannot wait until next week, it’ll be so good!! Ahhhhhhhhhh, I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!

Also don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the results show where Jordin Sparks will be performing her first AMAZING single “Battlefield” off her sophomore album out July 14th!!! Also go buy Jordin’s single off itunes and get it to #1!!!!

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