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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol Week 7: Jazz Rat Pack Night

This is one of my favorite themes of them all, because it’s usually one that everyone can do well on. I remember the first season there was big band night and Kelly Clarkson really emerged as a front runner, so hopefully our real front runners will emerge from tonight. Everyone looks really good, also Ryan wrote on his Twitter to that they brought the band down onto the stage to set the mood, haha, should be cool. 3 weeks from finale!!! Yay!!! Jamie Foxx….hmmmmmm, idk, but Quentin was really good, so maybe; just not really seeing the connection to Rat Pack with Jamie Foxx.

Kris Allen – “The Way You Look Tonight”: He can do this pretty well, and I LOVE this song!!! I really like how they are all dressed up, it’s a nice change. A pretty solid Kris performance, a couple pitchy spots and weak notes, but all in all very impressive and a VERY good last note. It added something different to the song I think; I think the song fit his voice well also. Def one of his best performances this single, this could help catapult him into the finals :D

Allison Iraheta – “Someone To Watch Over Me”: Allison really looks beautiful tonight, very lovely. I really hope that she can do this song well; her voice may be too gritty to really portray this song well. WOW!!! I was very pleasantly surprised by that, she toned it back just enough to stay with the song but still show her power and have her Allison edge. Another amazing performance!! Vocally I think this has been the best night so far, I honestly 100% thought that both Kris and Allison were lip-syncing, but they obviously weren’t. I really hope she makes it to the finals; I don’t care with who though. I’d be cool with her and Kris or Adam, either one would give us a great finale.

Matt Giraud – “My Funny Valentine”: Matt can do very well tonight, this genre fits his voice very well, but I am very worried. He has been voted out before and America just doesn’t seem to be biting onto his talent, I’d be ok if she went home, but I would prefer Danny. (Rumor has it Jamie didn’t like Danny, and thought he needed work…maybe that’s a good sign…). Jamie is wrong, Matt can’t get number one; he just doesn’t have the fan base to. This is a very weird performance, idk how I feel. It wasn’t like wow, but it wasn’t bad. I wish we could have heard the first way he did it to compare, because I really don’t know about that arrangement. He is not going to win, and unless Danny does really bad he is going home.

Danny Gokey – “Come Rain Or Come Shine”: HAHA at first I thought that Danny was playing the trombone, HAHA!! He looks really uncomfortable; I think the pressure is starting to get to him (yay). Once he got half way through he def hit his stride and got his confidence back, dang it. But def not his best, and I think Matt is going home, it can’t be Allison, no one even think that, we can’t jinx anything!! I’m really not seeing this Danny fever thing, I just don’t get it; yeah he is good but he really isn’t as good as they are making him out to be.

Adam Lambert – “Feelin’ Good”: So he is apparently doing a different version, that makes me sad because I LOVE the original version. Whenever I hear this song I hear Michael Bublé singing it. Adam needs to not be crazy in this, sing it pretty but with his crazy attitude, not crazy vocals. This version reminds me of The Pussycat Dolls version; it’s very jazzy like theirs. OMG!!!! THAT LAST NOTE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! In my opinion not the best of the night, or his best, but def one of his best and 2nd best of the night. I’m a very happy camper right now, like I said this week is usually a good one and we have such a talented top 5 this year!

Top Performance:
1. Allison Iraheta

Bottom Performance:
1. Matt Giraud

All in all, this night was my favorite I think of the entire season!! I love this type of music, and when my favorite show and one of my favorite music types are combined its like magic. Probably a lot of people don’t agree that Alison was the best, but something about her voice and possibly because she is the last girl makes me love her so much! I really hope Matt goes home over Allison, because I think it’ll be between those 2 this week :(

Don’t forget to buy your favorite contestants itunes versions on itunes tomorrow after the results show!! Also this week you get an autographed picture of one of the contestants, idk how that actually works, but it sounds really cool!!

Also anyone wanna have a big finale party? And then we all can watch the season premier of Glee!!! I’m soooooooooooooooooo insanely excited for that show!!! The trailers are on my ipod and I watch them every night!!!

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