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Friday, April 3, 2009

Top 10 Foreign Arists You Must Hear

Yes, this is another music note by me, haha, I'm kinda obsessed now. This time I'm telling yall the top 10 foreign artists you must hear, this doesn't include foreign artists that have been released in US only artists that are only in their home country, or other countries not including US. So here's the list :D

The Saturdays on the set of their video for "Up!"
1. The Saturdays - The newest UK girlband, their debut album has gone platinum and all their 4 singles have been in the top 10 in UK. They are already working on their 2nd album and are gonna go on their first headlining tour in June. They are already in Asia, but thats it besides UK and Ireland. They have plans to come to America so it would be awesome for yall to be obsessed with them b4 the rest of America gets hooked!
Suggested Tracks: Work; Up!

2. Jessica Mauboy - Jessica came in 2nd place on Australian Idol in 2006, she then went on to join Young Divas a girlgroup made up of past female Australian Idol contestants and she released 1 album with them. After leaving Young Divas to focus on her solo career she released her first single 'Been Waiting (ft. Flo Rida)' and her album Been Waiting. All 3 of her singles off Been Waiting have been top 5 hits, with Burn being #1. She has secured a deal in Japan and UK so her album is being released in those countries and is also in talks with US labels to release it here.
Suggested Tracks: Burn; Been Waiting

3. Janet Leon - Newest Swedish pop/r&b star, former lead singer of Play girlband. Her debut single 'Let Go' has gone to #3 on Swedish itunes. She is planning to be goin worldwide, but as of right now she is only in Sweden and a couple more European countries.
Suggested Track: Let Go

4. *Rachel Stevens - Former lead singer of S Club 7, she has released 2 albums both being top 10's in UK, also she has had 7 top 10 UK singles. She just places 2nd on the UK's version of Dancing With The Stars and is rumored to be working on her 3rd solo album soon.
Suggested Track: Some Girls

5. *Shayne Ward - UK version of Justin Timberlake. He won the 2nd season of X-Factor (show Leona Lewis came from), but unlike Leona was never officially released worldwide. His first 2 albums have been #1 and #2 on UK charts respectively and his 3rd albums is slated for May release. He has released 6 singles all being top 10's except one only reaching #14.
Suggested Track: If That's OK With You

6. Erik Hassle - My new obsession and also a new upcoming star in Sweden, his single Hurtful has performed well on the charts. His debut cd has already been released, but it hasn't all at the same time. Its a confusing thing, but either way this guy is awesome and will most likely be going worldwide once he is released in Sweden
Suggested Track: Hurtful

7. Danny - Danny is also from Sweden, big surprise. His real name is Danny Saucedo and was on Swedish Idol 2006 where he placed 5th, but is one of the most succesful Swedish Idol contestants after the show. He has released 2 solo albums and also is part of a band called E.M.D. which is made up of 3 Swedish Idol contestants and they have released 1 album and are about 2 release their 2nd.
Suggested Track: Radio
8. *RyanDan - Ryan & Dan are twin brothers from Canada, but are now in UK. They released their debut album RyanDan in 2007, and their 2nd album is rumored for a spring 2009 release. They used to be in the Canadian boyband B4-4. Their debut album was #7 in UK and is a mix of classical/pop/opera; its a weird combo but it sounds amazing!
Suggested Track: Tears Of An Angel

9. *Will Young - First winner of Pop Idol in UK (American Idol is based off this show). He however hasn't had the same success as US's Kelly Clarkson. He has had 4 albums all being #1 or #2 on UK charts; he has released 16 singles, 4 being #1 and 10 being top 10 singles.
Suggested Track: Changes

10. M. Pokora - French version of Justin Timberlake, he has released 3 solo albums; his 2nd being #1. His first 2 albums were in French, but his 3rd album is his first full english album.
Suggested Track: Dangerous

* Some of these artists have some of their stuff on US itunes, they haven't been officialy released here they have just been added so US fans can buy them.

Other Foreign Arists Already In America:
BoA, Utada, ADELE, The Veronicas, Estelle, Lily Allen, Natasha Bedingfield, M.I.A., Leona Lewis, Lights, Gabriella Cilmi, Duffy, The Ting Tings, and many more

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  1. Also check out Sam Taylor! He's great. Still very much in the early days. And you might like Sophia Somajo. She's Swedish! Great singer.