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Friday, April 3, 2009

American Idol Top 13: Grand Ole Opry Night

So 2nite was a very very big dissapointment, at least 4 of the contestants could have rly rly shined tonight and for some odd reason chose not to, i don't follow but i'm also not in their heads to try and understand it myself. Michael, Alexis, Kris, and Matt shoulda done AMAZING, this was their time to shine cause of either they acoustic sounds or soulful sounds, alot of country is both. only 1 and a half shined on the night they should have.

Here are my reviews performance by performance:

Michael Sarver: Ain’t Goin’ Down Till the Sun Comes Up - he did horrible, he forgot the words occasionally just like randy travis warned him, he is horrible on stage, he looks like a dumb cat just wanderin around doin watev he feels like with no "look at me i'm on stage" attitude. His vocals were ok, but he was talkin so fast u could barely tell he was singin. I woulda chosen something more bluesy with more soul, he has a good voice but obviously doesn't kno how to use it

Alison Iraheta: Blame It on Your Heart - her voice is so amazing, espec considering she is only 16, she has almost the exact voice on P!nk, who has done pretty well for herself. This song was a good choice for her, it wasn't blatantly country and allowed her to show her rocky self, which is good. all in all good performance, she also knows how to use a stage properly, she should go far

Kris Allen: To Make You Feel My Love - this guy is amazing, he is a worship leader on top of being amazing in this competition. This song was perfect, he stayed within the country theme, had it be a little country but put his Kris/Jason Mraz-y spin on it to make it very cool and current, he could have released this to radio and had it done well, he also can use a stage, his stool was a good idea for the mellowness of song, also a smart move not to use the guitar

Lil Rounds: Independence Day - oh my, where do i start, just a general rule of them u don't do martina unless u got the pipes, martina is nashville's version of whitney or mariah (don't like mariah but every1 thinks she is a god, kinda like danny gokey, but that'll come later). carrie pulled it off cause she has the pipes. lil, not so much, she has a good voice, but just because she is the black girl in the comp doesn't mean she has a voice like jennifer or fantasia, she can belt, sure, but she has no tone, her personality does not show in her song choices, at least not 2nites. idk wat else to say, she didn't do good, she could be goin home, but the judges won't let that happen and will use their 1 and only save on her 2moro, if she is goin home. i woulda chosen something not martina, maybe a reba, reba has a more gritty voice than martina's angel voice

Adam Lambert: Ring Of Fire - alot of johnny cash fans probably hate this guy right now, i love him tho, his voice is insane, hands down, no doubting that. this was very very weird tho, idk how to describe it or anything, but all i kno is he is safe, if he is voted off he will also have the only save used on him. it was just weird, but insane vocally, yay adam ur voice is unreal

Scott MacIntyre: Wild Angels - like i said b4, u don't do martina unless u have the pipes, if lil rounds doesn't have the pipes than how is the blind white guy supposed 2 have them? rly, he has a good voice, but not top 12 good, top 36 yes, but not this far. his talent level is below the rest, he is only here because he is blind and can play the piano like a madman. maybe there is a place for him in the music biz, its just not on this show, please go home scott...and get a haircut, u have stylists now there is no reason ur head should look like a shaggy dog.

Alexis Grace: Jolene - i love this girl SOOOOOO much, but 2nite she didn't to hot, her voice sounds shot, he had such soul b4 and such power, 2nite it sounded like she couldn't hit those notes if she tried. She is so tiny now, (she was kinda "chubby" at beginning, i'm worried for her) and her voice is so big, but that didn't show 2nite. she is safe cause even tho it wasn't her best it was still miles better than some other ppls. She is gonna have 2 try harder and take care of herself more if she wants 2 stay, she has potential to win, but its gonna actually have 2 make her try more than she is right now. she coulda done so many things better, again something will more soul and a little lower. idk who is in the grand ole opry, but if reba is than alexis coulda done fancy and done very very well

Danny Gokey: Jesus Take The Wheel - another person u don't touch, carrie, and this was evidence of that. i thought since a guy was singin carrie it would be less comparable 2 her, it was, but still way to comparable, he did nothin to the song at all, and he didn't do good on the verse. once he got 2 the chorus he hit his stride and killed it, but the verses...ewwwww. i rly think he coulda done another song so much better, like something rascal flatts, again i don't kno if they are even in the grand ole opry, but if they are he coulda chosen anything by them and done 100x better than this, yes chorus was amazing, but he sang more than just the chorus

Anoop Desai: You Were Always on My Mind - 2nite i was so surprised with him, he has a good voice, not good enough 2 win, but good enough 2 have fun at karaoke and be wowed with. he chose the perfect song, it wasn't too country, he knew that wasn't his strong point and he picked something that could cross over, yay anoop. he also toned it down, the only problem with him 2nite was wat he was wearing, its country night, i mean he didn't have 2 go all crazy and wear a cowboy hat and spurrs, but not a hoodie under a jacket, at least don't wear the hoodie, 4get ur style, its country week, if he went to a legit southern bar he woulda got shot wearing that

Megan Joy (Corkrey): Walking After Midnight - this girl i completely don't get, she has no voice compared to the others, and yet i can't help but like her, its weird. her odd bop is obnoxious like nothing else, but it ads personality to her performances which is wat ATON of the other contestants are lacking. she is getting better each week which makes me happy, i do kinda want her gone, but i also love watchin her and hearing it, its weird. her studio versions are very good, she is a very current artist, not the best live but they can make her voice sound amazing in the studio

Matt Giraud: So Small - once again some1 chooses a powerhouse, but this time he changed it (unlike danny) and it sounded good. i love his soulful sound and his control, very good. i can't wait for more from him, but i want him up from the piano, enough is enough, we kno u can play amazingly well, but u can also walk, so do that. 1 thing i did wish he did was when he was getting all intense towards the end was to stand up and like kick the seat over and just rock out, give the performance some personality, vocally very good, coulda chosen a better song, but considering he tackles a carrie song and did it justice pleases me

all in all 2nite was a let down, too many bad performances, these contestants have ATON more talent than they are using and it frustrates me that they aren't. none of the performances have any personality, like i have no idea who matt, scott, michael, or lil is just because they just sing the song, they don't perform it or put anything of their own into it. matt does the most outta that group and i can see him getting outta that rut, the others i don't. lil can sing, thats a given, but her personality is boring, espec since we always compare her to fantasia or jennifer who had immense amounts of personality. I think that pretty much ends my first review, i want to do these every week cause i am addicted to this show so much and i love doing this type stuff, so hopefully yall read these every week :D

who i think is leaving or in danger:

1. michael - rly in danger, not gonna win by any means so might as well get rid of him now

2. lil - did bad, but will stay cause the save card will be used on her, and she has the 4th or 5th best voice

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