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Monday, April 27, 2009

My Current Obsessions!!!

Here is a list of songs that I currently cannot stop listening to, a lot of them are new singles, but some are just normal tracks from albums. I definitely suggest you all download these cause they are great, and most haven't become huge yet so you can say you knew about it before it was big.

1. Kristinia DeBarge "Goodbye" - This track is so insanely hot! Its definitely gonna be a huge summer hit, its been getting a lot of good radio play and being picked up by some big stations. I see this girl becoming really huge, and this song has the potential to have the same success as "Umbrella" for Rihanna; which would end up shooting this girl into Rihanna like success. Can't wait for the official music video!!

2. Jada "American Cowboy" - Jada is a brand new girlgroup about to hit the scene. This is there debut single, and its insanely infectious, I really can't stop listening. It sounds very similar to Pokerface by Lady GaGa, cause its produced by RedOne also. Another one that is def worth a look, I don't know if this will become as successful, but it has potential to. Especially since DK is completely over and PCD is looking like they might break up after their tour, we need a new girl group in the US; could Jada be that girl group?

3. Pixie Lott "Mama Do" - This girl is so amazing, she is my new UK obsession. She is even opening up for The Saturdays on their tour and they are my first UK obsession!!! I'm really excited about this girl's career, I can see it being very big. Her voice is similar to the Duffy/ADELE style, but her music itself is alot poppier and more electronic. So like if Britney Spears and Duffy had a kid you would get Pixie Lott. Her name even sounds famous, haha.

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