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Friday, April 3, 2009

American Idol Top 9: Top Downloads Week Review

When I first heard this theme it kinda made me angry, this is THE easiest theme of any season at this stage of the show. They can pick exactly wat suites them and they aren't stretched at all. It makes me rly angry, but excited too cause it can be an AMAZING night cause its soooo easy and broad. So hopefully every1 will do good!! :D

Anoop Desai: Usher "Caught Up" - this song was an ok choice for anoop cause its soulful and his voice is pretty soulful but not to the level of usher. He is singin it pretty good but he sounds like he is pushin his voice a little and his runs aren't on point. All in all a pretty good choice but coulda done something more like wat he would do after idol, I'm pretty sure he won't do r&b and if he does he won't sell in my opinion. And he didn't do any dancin and usher is like a crazy dancer. So not rly that impressed, every1 coulda shined 2nite and he def didn't. Ewwwww he said he wants 2 be an r&b artist!!! Ahhhhh! He will not do good!!

Megan Joy: Bob Marley/Lauryn Hill "Turn Your Lights Down Low" - what is with this girl. The past couple weeks haven't been so bad for me, she wasn't good but her voice was kinda cool and it made me like her. This week that is a big NO! Her voice is the same and she can't sing this song, she isn't changin at all. Idk wat it is now, she is just butcherin it and her voice isn't doin anythin right; plus she looks rly bad, usually she looks good but 2nite idk she wore mom jeans!! Ewwww!! She chooses the worst songs completely, I agree with kara that adele woulda been better, sure megan doesn't have adele's pipes but her voice is similar. She coulda chosen an amazing song that every1 knows to already give her a heads up, but she chose some random older song that completely didn't fit. 2nite coulda been awesome but so far its sucking!!

Danny Gokey: Rascal Flatts "What Hurts The Most" - initial thoughts are good choice for him, I thought he shoulda sung something by them on country week so he should KILL it! I don't rly like him, but he does have a good voice, I just don't kno where he would fit in music industry. He song it pretty well but some pitchy moments. I honestly thought he would do better, it got worse as the song went on. Still so far the best, but its not hard to be better than anoop or megan, haha. He still gets too much love when he doesn't deserve it. I rly don't think he did that well, in my opinion it was one of his worst. So idk, but for me I wasn't that impressed. His performance was emotional, that was def seen, but nothin too special for me...pity

Alison Iraheta: No Doubt "Don't Speak" - this should be good, but she coulda done p!nk so much better imo (in my opinion). But this girl can rly sing anything and sound amazing. I rly like her hair also, haha. Pretty good performance, that kind of music fits her rly well. I'm rly happy, she has been one of the best week after week, if she continues like this than she rly might have a chance of winning! K I'm sry she is so awkard, but her voice is killer, but she seems like THE most awkward person, haha. Agree with kara, not her best but its def a good one. I rly think she coulda done p!nk soooooo much better, but hopefully if she makes it to the judges choice week they will chose p!nk for her!

Scott MacIntyre: Billy Joel "Just The Way You Are" - omg!!! That hair is horrible, I kno every week I complain about the hair and I finally get a new hair style, but honestly the stylist should give him bad hair cuts just cause he is blind, that's just mean. Btw I am SOOOOOO FRICKIN EXCITED for that Glee show, it looks amazing. Like HSM but tv show version, k bac 2 idol. I'm laughin so hard when they close up on his face, that hair is from grease. He isn't singin that well either. His voice is very shaky, like rly shaky. Last week I didn't hate him and was pleased, so much for that feeling. Its gone, idk if he coulda chosen another song but all I kno if he was so shaky. Also where is paula learnin all these big words from, haha.

Matt Giraud: The Fray "You Found Me" - the fray is PERFECT for him!! Yay matt, now don't screw it up. Matt has rly moved up and become one of my favs, and I like him bein in the middle of the crowd. This is wat every1 shoulda been doin 2nite rly current stuff to show america that they are current. This is amazing!!! The studio version is gonna be unreal!! This is the best performance of the night so far, and will prolly be one of the best for the whole night. Btw judges u can have cds with multiple genres and influences. Listen to any of kelly clarkson's cds, they credit themselves for findin her and she has all sorts of influences from techno to rock. So be quiet judges, haha

Lil' Rounds: Celine Dion "I Surrender" - when ryan said celine dion I was worried cause she DOES NOT have that good of a voice to even attempt to tackle celine. Hopefully she will change it a bit so it doesn't sound exactly like a horrible attempt at celine. I don't like the new hair. Not impressed at all, she sounds horrible comparin this to celine. Like rly bad, the bridge was good, and the beltin was also. But that's about it, I was pleased with her beltin 2day tho, cause usually it just doesn't happen for her but her belts were on 2nite. Way too boring for lil. But watev I don't rly like her so I don't care if she stays or goes. I'd rather megan and scott go b4 her cause she is nicer to listen to than those, haha.

Adam Lambert: Wild Cherry "Play That Funky Music" - this makes me sad, hell do good cause he is adam, but he could do something so much better and more current, oh well. Once again another amazing performance from adam, he can do no wrong in my eyes, even if its weird his voice is killer and I just can't get enought of it. Cannot wait for the studio version!!! I swear paula is on drugs or is drunk, I don't kno which, but she isn't right in the head.

Kris Allen: Marvin Gaye "Ain't No Sunshine" - I'm so excited!! Kris is one of my favs this season and he does amazing every week. Its nice to see him on keyboard, I didn't kno he could play that too. His voice is just so much higher quality than scotts, havin both play piano rly shows how much better kris is and how scott isn't up to par with these guys!! This is def the best of the night!! I rly think he has this contest in the bag, I honestly think he can take over and win it!! Yay!!!! I'm DYING for this studio version cause its gonna be on repeat on my ipod :D!!!

Top 3 (not in order):

1. Matt

2. Adam

3. Kris (the best!!!!)
Bottom 3 (not in order):

1. Megan

2. Anoop

3. Scott

My final thoughts on the night is that it def showed who the ppl who will survive in the music industry are and those who will crash and die (i.e. Megan and anoop). The 2nd half was def better than the first, the last 3 or 4 performances were universes better than the first ones. The frontrunners are rly showin themselves (adam, kris, and alison; maybe lil, danny, and matt also). Once anoop, megan, scott, and lil/danny leaves I will have prolly my fav top/finals of any season!! Yay me, yay american idol!! Haha

Don't forget to go on itunes wednesday after the results show and buy the studio versions of the tracks! They rly are great and u can hear kinda wat they will sound like on their cds.

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