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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol Top 7 (Week 2): Disco Night Review

I hate this night!! Sooooooo much! No1 cares about disco anymore, so what's the point, none of these ppl will become disco artists. I'm glad Matt is still here, I hope he can stay!

Lil Rounds – "I'm Every Woman": k first off they look like this show was thrown together at the complete last minute. No intro at all 4 Lil, but watev she didn't deserve any. Her worst performance by far!! Horrible vocals, and horrible song. She doesn't have a very good voice, sure she can sing stuff but her voice has no personality at all!! She is 1 of the 2 going home, so if Anoop sucks than Matt will be safe!!! Yay!! Cause its def those 3 in the bottom, they just always are.

Kris Allen – “She Works Hard for the Money”: This is exactly what I hope everyone does 2nite; completely change up the song so it doesn’t sound disco anymore and make them sound horrible. Yay Kris!!!! It was really funny hearing him sing this, but he did really well! Not his best performance, but def not his worst, doesn’t compare to last week at all. He is def safe, I really enjoyed that! Totally agree with the judges on his, Simon is always right, I’m really glad they let them all talk again, that was stupid when only 2 could talk.

Danny Gokey – “September”: This is getting kinda old, he sings good every week; so my comments get very redundant. A good choice for him I think, he is singing pretty well for disco which kinda surprises me. His arm thrusts are kinda annoying tho, haha, but I guess its his style. I don’t mind if it’s obnoxious because at least he has a style unlike Lil and Anoop; they just get up there and sing every week, no emotion and no personality. Ugh Paula always says the same thing every week, grrrrrr. It’s like she doesn’t have a lot of vocab does she?

Alison Iraheta – “Hot Stuff”: I miss the intros; it makes me sad for no behind the scenes. I love that she is using the whole stage, no1 this season has yet. OMG Lil you need to take notes on Alison and Kris, they change the songs up, that is what changing up a song is; not doing some diff vocals from the original. I hate when Lil is like “I did change up the song Simon, but I had fun” UGH!!! Obviously you didn’t change up the song if the judges can’t tell a diff and u can’t have fun sucking every week, grrrrr!!! But back to Alison, she is amazing; I really think she can win it! It’s amazing!!!

Adam Lambert – “If I Can’t Have You”: Adam has an unreal voice, which is also a recurring theme in these reviews. I like the calmed down look. I seriously got shivers during his performance, it wasn’t even his best, but the vocals were so moving. I can’t wait for him to be in the finals!! It’s gonna be one of the best finales ever!!! He is safe, duh. I wish it was longer tho, it seemed really short.

Matt Giraud – “Stayin’ Alive”: haha this is really ironic!!! I would be so worried if I was him, cause he knows America doesn’t like him the best and this really makes or breaks it for him. This isn’t good enough, I don’t think, which makes me really sad. Cause I know he can do better, but it all depends on how Anoop does cause Lil is def one of the two going home. He shouldn’t try to pull those high notes cause I don’t think he can pull them off that well live, he got some, but he also didn’t get some. I really hope Anoop does horrible and Matt does some more stuff that’s diff and really shows his stuff.

Anoop Desai – “Dim All the Lights”: Idk if this is his idea of disco clothes, but I don’t like it. Another typical Anoop performance, half done just singing the song like if he was at a karaoke song. I really hope he goes home, he pisses me off. He has a horrible attitude and he isn’t good enough to win, Matt on the other hand is actually able to win if he tries hard enough. Please just please us all and let Anoop and Lil go home this week!! Please!!!

Top 2:
1. Adam
2. Alison

Bottom 2:
1. Lil
2. Anoop

All in all, tonight was less of a disappointment as it usually is. Usually everyone does bad and tonight only like 2 or 3 did bad. Alison, Adam, and Kris rocked it with their own versions of the songs and they didn’t even sound like disco anymore which is what I wanted. I really think the top 4 will please me even if the top 5 doesn’t. Adam + Alison + Kris + Matt = <3 <3
I REALLY REALLY HOPE THAT LIL AND ANOOP GO!!!! But I really don’t kno :(

Don’t forget to buy your fav contestants performances on itunes wed after the results show!!! They are amazing!!!

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