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Friday, April 3, 2009

American Idol Top 10: Motown Week Review

My first thoughts on this week's topic was...YES!!!! Motown week is one of my favorite, because 1 its just great songs and 2 mostly ppl don't screw up, ppl can rly shine on this night. My guesses for ppl who are rly gonna shine are Matt and Lil. Everyone else will do well enough, my guess, but those 2 have voices that will fit this night SOOOO well and they will eally shine, their studio versions on itunes will be AMAZING!!!!

Matt Giraud - Let's Get It On: this performance was amazing!!! This is exactly wat i was expectin from him, an amazingly solid performance with the piano, but he surprised us and got up. Which is even better because it showed us he does have good stage presence thats not behind a piano. Sure he doesn't have the presence of some but its alot better than past idols and even megan who just bops around. Vocally was amazing, coulda been better, i feel like Matt always does worse on the show than when he practices cause he just doesn't hit the notes as well, but watev, still a great performance. great way to start the show

Kris Allen - How Sweet It Is: hmmmm, idk if this is smartest choice, i mean kris sings good every week but i feel another song coulda been stronger, but let's see how he does. Guitar again, idk if thats smart, i mean it isn't stupid cause he is an amazing guitarist, but on motown week i wouldn't have played it, even if i was rly good on it. When he first got thru i wasn't that happy cause i felt alot of other ppl were better vocalists but he has rly surprised me and is one of my favs! this was another great performance all around, and that last note was rly rly good, i didn't kno he had that in him. btw he has a very attractive wife, haha. i honestly think he has a rly good chance of winning, which i would be cool with. i rly liked simon's comment about the bus stop, but that seems to be kris, he isn't tryin 2 be some1 else, he is laid back jason mraz-y kris, and thats wat america likes. YAY he doesn't want conciet! yay good old church guy!

Scott Macyntire - You Can't Hurry Love: I don't even need to kno wat he is singin cause i won't like it and it'll be at the piano, but ill wait 2 finish this until after the commercial. he rly needs a haircut, like rly. i honestly think paula is drunk every week, she never makes sense. i was right piano....again, this isn't a piano playing show, ugh! i am not hating him this week, he did something diff, its not a stupid slow piano thing just like every week. so im enjoying this alot, well alot for how much i don't like scott, haha. but this is american idol and they are looking for the best vocalist, well at least thats the premise of the show, and he isn't that by any means. idk why he is still here but i did enjoy that ALOT more than usual for him, i didn't leave the room. paula is SO intoxicated, haha

Megan Joy - For Once In My Life: she still looks kinda sick, she looks good 2nite tho. bopping again, ugh. she is so pitchy, but for some reason i can't help but like her, idk why at all, but her voice is rly diff and i rly like it. i think her voice could do rly well on radio, but not live AT ALL, studio she sounds good. so i guess that makes her current cause she can't sing live but sounds good in studio (i.e. Katy Perry). she did horribly vocally, but she won't go home, cause she is the token hottie and vote for the worst pick, so it sucks. k she seems rly drunk to, maybe her and paula had a little drinking party b4 the show, haha

Anoop Desai - Oo Baby Baby: he has a good voice, but no star quality, i will be fine when he leaves. no tears shed over anoop, his falsetto is kinda weird. the oo's sound good but the words don't sound like him. i don't rly have anything else 2 say, i mean he sang well enough, but it wasn't anything memorable. so i guess thats it, next please. omg i love when ryan sings and dances, its SOOOO funny!!

Michael Sarver - Ain't To Proud To Beg: i don't rly like him either, he isn't that great. he has a good voice, but he isn't good enough at all. one note totally bombed, but i think he might go home, i don't think america likes him that much either. he is good, but not for this competition, maybe nashville star cause thats his image i think. his voice isn't horrible, but its just not up to par, similar to scott, they both don't have the chops, michael has more than scott, but neither have a chance of winning. same with anoop. its between Danny, Adam, Kris, and maybe Matt for the winner, a guy will def win, so girl.

Lil' Rounds - Heat Wave: so i was kinda distracted during her performance cause my dad doesn't understand facebook, ugh, but i did watch it just not as intensely, but i don't rly think i missed anything. hate the new hair, keep it short its ur style. her voice is good, but nothin special, there are some contestants i wouldn't mind singin the phone book, but i would mind her singing it, she has some pipes, but not on any comparison or level as fantasia or jennifer to whom she is being compared. she is this season's fantasia, which is sad cause her voice isn't as good. she sounds sooooo strainin in her performances, kinda a similar problem like matt their voices are good but they sound so strained on actual performance night. i think she deserves to stay, but she did worse than i expected. 2nite coulda been her true shining night, and it wasn't

Adam Lambert - Tracks of My Tear: wow he looks so diff, he looks like a video of him on youtube singing The Prayer by Celine (which he did AMAZING!!!). this guy is some1 i could listen to sing the phonebook, his voice is just unreal! this performance is pretty good, its very diff from anything we have heard adam sing before, i just can't get over his voice its just so insanely faceted, the range is unreal. i've never heard a range like that before. coulda done better, a little less than i expected, but still amazing!!! i loved hearing him take it down and use the softer side of his voice. i can't wait for him next week!!! his studio version will be AMAZING this week!!!

Danny Gokey - Get Ready: the dancing is just a big no. i'm not a huge fan of this guy (sry jamie, haha). he has good voice, but i don't find him current enough. i want him to lose and make a rly solid Christian album. ok performance, not his best, i was expectin more. i don't find him growin any week, he just comes out, sings amazing and its done. there isn't anything wrong with it, just nothing growin in my opinion. vocally wasn't his best, but it wasn't bad, idk, just kinda blah in my opinion, kinda like anoop and lil. good vocals, not their best, but boring performances.

Alison Iraheta - Papa Was A Rolling Stone: SHE KILLED IT!!!! i think this beats Adam's performance, her voice is killer. i wasn't expecting her to do this good this week, but she killed it. her voice is so powerful, kinda like the girl version of Adam this season i guess. haha, idk. but i loved it, she was my fav of the night!! she better get thru, if she does that week after week she might have a chance of winning. her personality shows, unlike some other contestants

Top 3 of Night:
1. Alison Iraheta
2. Adam Lambert
3. Kris Allen

Bottom 3 of Night:
1. Megan Joy
2. Michael Sarver
3. Anoop Desai

Going Home: Michael, i think Megan deserves to go but won't cause of the vote for the worst

also don't forget to buy the itunes studio versions, they are amazing!!! these contestants don't shine on stage as much as they do in studio!!

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