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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol Top 8: Songs From The Year You Were Born Review

This week isn’t really too special, at least not for me cause I don’t know most of these songs cause they were before me. But it’s fine, because it gives me a chance to think it’s their own song; like the contestants are the first people I will hear sing the song. I read some spoilers on song choice and other people think they should do well, so ill just agree with the masses and hope tonight will be really good. I’m gonna go ahead and call some stuff: Adam, Kris, and Danny will do amazing and the judges will gush over them; Matt will do good but the judges will not think so; Lil will just be ordinary again; Scott will play the piano; and Anoop will just kinda be there.

Danny Gokey – “Stand by Me”: The beginning wasn’t that impressive, I was kinda worried for the whole performance. He def got better as it went on, but one of his weakest performances in my opinion. He didn’t look happy performing 2nite, kinda like he was forced to pick a song he rly didn’t like. It’s kinda sad, but he’ll be fine for next week so I don’t need to worry.

Kris Allen – “All She Wants To Do Is Dance”: I don’t like when they perform in the mosh pit, its weird; you can’t see them at all. Pretty cool typical Kris performance, he has def defined his style on the show for what he will do after. Solid performance with good vocals, but def not his best; especially compared to last week. He’s also still safe because America loves him, so 2 of the best haven’t done their best. I wonder how every1 else will do 2nite.

Lil Rounds – “What’s Love Got To Do With It”: She could do amazing with this song! Oh well, horrible beginning, very weak. I rly like the newest hair style, keep this one Lil. The chorus was better, but she still is a little pitchy. I think they need to get rid of this night in future years because 3 of the 5 frontrunners have done rly bad. Why are they doing bad? Flunk week, get rid of the theme. The judges are completely right on this one, COMPLETELY.

Anoop Desai – “True Colors”: I rly don’t have high hopes for him at all, he just isn’t good enough for this competition, just kick him off and be done with it. I feel like my reviews are slowly becoming very redundant, cause these contestants aren’t doing anything special or different; grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. As much as I want him gone, he is doing the best so far. Why is this happening?!?!?! He is def a music Yo-Yo.

Scott McIntyre – “The Search Is Over”: I’m just gonna go ahead and say I won’t like it, but maybe he will surprise me…Maybe he should just go bald, cause the new haircuts just aren’t working for him. What guitar!!!!??? It’s rly weird seeing him standing up!! He isn’t doing that bad, and I rly rly like him playing the guitar. I still don’t want him to stay, but that was his best in my opinion. He actually performed it, I was impressed. Very pitchy, but he’s Scott, he’s always pitchy. Somehow Scott is winning me over a bit, I don’t get this, I’m very confused. haha

Alison Iraheta – “I Can’t Make You Love Me”: OMG Alison has my sister’s birthday, but Alison is one year older, but still same day. Yay Alison! She is doing very well, I rly love her. I don’t get why she is always in the bottom 3, I think she is def one of the best this season. Her voice is very current, I can’t wait to see what she does after the show, cause I think she could do rly well! I’m so happy right now, she stopped the rly bad curse of this night! So out of the 5 frontrunners 1 has done good and 3 have done bad, weird.

Matt Giraud – “Part Time Lover”: OMG, he can be amazing, this is perfect and soulful like his voice. If I get on this show I rly hope they don’t show my little kid musicals cause I had A TON, haha. I don’t get how America doesn’t like him either, I think he is one of the strongest along with Alison but America just isn’t biting. Matt killed it! He was def my fav of the night, he killed it!! I’m so insanely happy right now! And he held that high note at the end! Yay, he normally doesn’t keep those, but he did! Yay!!

Adam Lambert – “Mad World”: I heard a lot of ppl were rly excited he was doing this song, because apparently he will kill it. I’m excited to see for myself! This guy is incredible!!! I don’t know how he does it, but he can sing anything and he kills it, anything!! His voice is just unreal, that range and control is just truly amazing!! OMG!!! SIMON GAVE HIM A STANDING OVATION!! THAT’S AMAZING!!!

Top 3:
1. Alison Iraheta
2. Matt Giraud

Bottom 3:
1. Lil Rounds
2. Danny Gokey
3. Scott McIntyre

Final Thoughts: 2nite was making me very sad at the beginning, I honestly was mad cause I knew ppl coulda done better than this. And then somehow Anoop did good and every1 after was good. Idk its so strange. And then the last 3 just stole the show, I’m so excited cause they are my fav, also Kris, but I know he is safe so I’m not worrying!
If Scott or Anoop goes home I’ll be a happy camper, or even Lil or Danny cause then it’ll leave room for my favs to take the lead :D


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